31 Mar 2019

Tours and activities to the exhibition Exit Morandi

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IIn occasion of the temporary exhibition Exit Morandi, ongoing at Museo Novecento until next June 29, are scheduled thematic tours and ateliers for family, as explained here below.

Tours to the exhibition Exit Morandi

The exhibition Exit Morandi offers the occasion to get closer to the thought and work of one of the greatest artists of the italian 20th Century, Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964), of which the florentine civic collection guard four important works, and which are added significant loans by public and private owners. From the still life and landscapes, the path accompaines the wide public into silences and folds of a humble and great painting at the same time, that gradually reveals the slow, deep and meditated think of the artist. His famous bottles –protagonists of his paintings and etchings- march then in the rooms in various forms, colours, arrangings, offering incredible new looks on reality: “Di nuovo al mondo non c’è nulla o pochissimo, l’importante è la posizione diversa e nuova in cui l’artista si trova a considerare e a vedere le cose della cosiddetta natura e le opere che lo hanno preceduto e interessato”. After an introduction on Morandi’s figure, the tour will allow to observe and explore the works in the exhibition, sign of artist’s research and his poetry.

For who: young and adults

Where: Museo Novecento, Santa Maria Novella Square, 10

When: March 31 at 11a.m, then every Saturday at 3p.m – from April 6 to June 22

Duration: 1h

Still life: the life of objects

The still life is the pictorial genre most linked to our everyday life; however, the artists’s objects hides life’s memory, personal experiences, thoughs and intimate reflections, telling more than any other pictorical genre the unfathomable deep of art and reality. Why Giorgio Morandi painted only bottles, giving life to an infinity of variations of compositions, light, atmosphere and searching in this way to touch the bottom, the essence of things? After a quick introduction at the exhibition, the visitors will explore one of the most known genre of art, from the 1600’s vanitas to the great interpretations of 1900, sneaking in first person with the phases of artistic creation and investigating the charming aspects that can hide behind the simple shapes of the objects.

For who: family with children 8-12 years

Where: Museo Novecento, Santa Maria Novella Square, 10

When: March 31 at 12.30a.m, then every Saturday at 4.30p.m – from April 6 to May 22

Duration: 1h15′

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