11 Apr 2015

Visit to the Museo Novecento for the visually impaired and the blind

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11April 2015


8:30 – 17:00

The guided tour, specific for visually impaired and blind people, allows you to retrace back the twentieth century by identifying the movements, poetics and artists that have marked the decades, with a strongly interdisciplinary approach and specific attention to Italy and Florence.

Starting from the Venice Biennale of 1988, intended as the first recognition of the young Florentines De Lorenzo, Guaita and Catelani, the path proposes the tensions and ideals of the seventies and sixties and then delving into the central years of the twentieth century, These include Alberto Della Ragione, whose collection includes masterpieces by De Chirico, Sironi, Casorati, Depero, Morandi and Martini. In the interweaving of painting, sculpture, music, poetry, fashion, cinema and theater, the path takes the public until the dawn of the century, animated by the first impulses of the international avant-garde.

When: Saturday 11 April at 4.30p.m
Time: 8.30a.m/5.00p.m
For whom: for visually impaired and blind

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