4 Mar 2017

Visions from the north. Meetings

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4March 2017



Museo Novecento

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Visions of the South. Italy in the Estonian culture of the early twentieth century

Lecture by Daniele Monticelli

The twentieth century opens in Estonia under the banner of linguistic, literary and artistic renewal. In this climate of cultural fervor, Italy becomes a fundamental point of reference for the young generation of Estonian modernists. Through an analysis of the travel diaries of Estonian artists and writers in Italy and of the translation and reception of Italian literature in the Estonia of the time, the conference will try to highlight some interesting and problematic aspects of Estonian fascination for the Bel Paese.

Daniele Monticelli, semiotician and philosopher, he works as a professor at the University of Tallinn (Estonia), where he heads the Department of European Studies. He has published many essays in different languages ​​in the fields of literary analysis and translation theory, political philosophy and semiotics. He is the author of literary and non-fiction translations from Estonian into Italian.

Mägi. Baltic passacaglia

Lecture by Arnaldo Colasanti

Konrad Mägi is Estonia entering Europe with its own loyalty to itself. Mägi is the sign of a Mediterranean and continental Europe that most needs those Baltic dreams, because in those dreams, in those images of deep blues and frozen reds from the purple crystal, they can heal the harsh abstractities and ideologies that, from totalitarianism to to date, they have sickened the country Europe. A never resigned and living peace flows in Mägi’s great natural visions.

Arnaldo Colasanti, writer and literary critic, he is co-editor of the magazine “Nuovi Argomenti”. The 2017 novel La Magnifica (Fazi publisher).

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