25 May 2018

All the activities for young, adults and families from May 26

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On the occasion of the new layout of the Museo Novecento, which is completed with the new exhibition proposal of the Alberto Della Ragione Collection, the Florentine Civic Museums and MUS.E propose a series of visits and activities for adults and families.

You and me: portrait art

For families with children 4/7 years

The art of depicting ourselves and the people around us is at the origin of the same painting, which sees its legendary birth in the profile of a face drawn on a wall by the beloved, tracing the shadow projected by a lamp. Through the centuries, the twentieth century is presented in this sense as a particularly interesting exploration ground, in which the attention is brought not only to external forms but also to the thoughts, attitudes, reflections of the subject, becoming a real sounding board of human identity. The works exhibited in the museum will be the way for a fascinating atelier in which the representation of themselves and others will build a special experience to look at us and those who accompany us in a new way.

Collage, the art of choosing

For families with children 6/10 years

In the collage, a purely twentieth-century technique, brushes, colors or pastels are not used, but a “choice” is made by selecting and superimposing in a critical form details of images, photographs, magazines, writings and more to create and compose something new. In this sense, the resulting work is often alienating, not wanting to delude the reality but tell a way of seeing that uses the forms of representation to go further. After a short visit to the museum – in which the works that have in the “composition” will be highlighted their distinctive trait and attention will be paid to the possible ways of depicting the real – participants can try their hand at a portrait/ self-portrait in the form of collage/ décollage that, overcoming the idea of realistic reproduction, include emotions, qualities, expressions and characters of the person represented.

Time Machine

For families with kids aged 8/12

The path is presented as a “journey through time” that starts from today’s world to get to the early years of the last century investigating languages, techniques and principles of the arts of the twentieth century: Children will thus be involved in a journey of discovery of the many artistic forms of the twentieth century in the animated dialogue between tradition and innovation, ancient and modern, abstract and concrete. The meeting with the great artists of the century and their works will be in this sense the occasion for a personal reworking that will allow children to take home a very special “collection” of their experience.

Visit at the museum

For whom: young and adults

The visit allows you to retrace the twentieth century identifying the main lines of artistic development of the twentieth century, with a strongly interdisciplinary approach and a specific attention to Italy and Florence. The most recent works on the ground floor – from the inscription-installation MUSEO by Paolo Parisi on the façade to the works of Remo Salvadori, Paolo Masi, Marco Bagnoli and Maurizio Nannucci – are therefore the way to penetrate – thanks to the works – the multiplicity and the looks of the arts of the twentieth century, characterized by the plurality of languages and research. A particular focus will be dedicated to the precious Alberto Della Ragione Collection, which includes masterpieces by De Chirico, Casorati, De Pisis, Mafai, Carrà, Martini, Morandi, Fontana.

Where: Museo Novecento, Santa Maria Novella 10 Square, Florence

When: every Saturday and every Sunday at 3p.m and at 4.30p.m

Duration: 1h15’

Special exhibition. Il disegno dello scultore

Visit the exhibition. Between the world and art, drawing

For whom: for young people and adults
Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 June
at 3p.m

The exhibition The drawing of the sculptor, which investigates the relationship that has always existed between the artist and drawing – understood not only as a matrix of creation, an expression of the creative act that will subsequently result in the work, but also as a work in its own right – children will be invited to delve into the magical world of drawing and graphics. In the first part, thanks to a short visit to the exhibition, participants will be able to understand how drawing is a nodal passage in the reality-representation dialogue, placing itself as a hinge between the world and its artistic interpretation, tense between investigation, experiment and design. In the second part the children will be the direct protagonists of a workshop centered precisely on graphics: each will create their own “world drawn” contributing to create a large installation that will develop in the cloister and will be visible from the multiple views and perspectives offered by the museum.

Drawing, father of the arts

Who: for families with children 6/10 years Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 June at 4.30p.m

Da sempre il disegno è intimamente connesso all’idea più profonda dell’arte, ponendosi in intima connessione con il pensiero dell’artista e la sua espressione: così è dalla prima linea tracciata sul muro per segnare il profilo di un volto, poi tradotto in argilla, nell’antica Grecia; così è ancora con i grandi artisti del Novecento, da Adolfo Wildt a Luciano Fabro. Ecco che la mostra Il disegno dello scultore consente di addentrarsi nelle pieghe della creazione e della creatività, andando a mostrare i processi, i dubbi, gli esiti di celebri scultori italiani e internazionali, come se potessimo “intravedere” grazie ai loro schizzi e ai loro taccuini, le anime delle loro opere: “Da questo intravedere a un certo punto può nascere un’opera, come una molla tirata, che messa con quella cosa potrebbe essere un mare. Intravedere immagini che prima, fuori da questo casuale esercizio non sarebbero apparse, è una specie di stimolo fantastico”, da cui nasce, appunto, l’idea.

Where: Museo Novecento, Santa Maria Novella 10 Square, Florence

When: Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 June at 3p.m and 4.30p.m

Duration: 1h15’

Solo Special. Emilio Vedova

Conference-visit: Emilio Vedova

For young people and adults
Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June at 3p.m

The art of Emilio Vedova – of Venetian origin, even more than just origin, in that extraordinary coloristic language – is one of the founding chapters of twentieth-century Italian art.  His works, free artistic acts and expressions of forms and thoughts independent of figuration, become true “spatial events” in which painting can move and touch. The meeting will allow you to observe the works exhibited in the sectionOnly deepening the biographical and poetic path of an artist so permeated with tradition as spokesman of a new language:”I am the son of Tintoretto, as I am the son of Goya, Daumier and Picasso of Guernica, Expressionism and Dada Berlin”.

The gesture of painting

For families with children 4/7 years
Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June at 4.30p.m

Starting from the work of Emilio Vedova, culminating in his great masterpiece Plurimo, a true hymn to gesture and color, children and their families will explore the world of abstraction and informal, delving into the folds of the “figurative revolution” that went through the art of the twentieth century bringing with it multiple forms of representation and interpretation of reality. In dialogue with the gestures of Vedova, “gestures that need to become body in its space, articulate, sprawling  […] direct projection of me painter, as I was myself to be touched, read here”small and large will be involved in a laboratory activity where color, emotions and music will merge into a single experience.

Where: Museo Novecento, Santa Maria Novella 10 Square, Florence

When: Saturday June 23 and Sunday June 24 at 3p.m and 4.30p.m

Duration: 1h15’

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