22 Sep 2022

Tony Cragg. Transfer: activities and guided tours

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On the occasion of the exhibition TONY CRAGG. Transfer at the Museo Novecento, a rich program of initiatives aimed at visitors is presented, aimed at promoting the visiting experience and enhancing the salient aspects.

The proposals, curated by Museo Novecento and MUS.E, are aimed at children and their families, schools, young people and adults and offer a plurality of opportunities to deepen their knowledge of the work of this great artist in a personal key. English, one of the most famous and multifaceted contemporary sculptors.

Protagonist of a profound renewal of plastic language, for Cragg sculpture is truly “the art of material”, an infinite and incessant creative process of exploration of the world: as he himself states, “reflecting on matter means reflecting on the origin of the world and its evolution “. The exhibition, built around this process of research and artistic elaboration, allows us to approach the artist’s path of investigation – thanks to his graphic work and the re-enactment of his studio – and to a selection of masterpieces that well testify to the wealth of materials he explored.

Visit to the exhibition

For whom: for young people and adults
When: every Saturday at 3pm

The visit allows you to better appreciate the exhibition of some significant works by the artist Tony Cragg. His research is based on the renewal of sculptural language and more, thanks to the introduction of unconventional and innovative materials. All of his work can be seen as an ode to the infinite possibilities of “form”, whose inspiring muse is nature for Cragg, which embraces both the microscopic and the infinite.

Infinite forms, infinite metamorphoses

For whom: for families with children aged 6 to 12
When: every Saturday at 4.30pm

The language of sculpture underwent an important transformation in the twentieth century, infinitely expanding the range of materials, techniques and subjects and offering new perspectives on our relationship with the work of art. Among the protagonists of this profound renewal are the English Henry Moore and Tony Cragg, who for different reasons have revolutionized the world of sculpture by opening it up to unexpected processes and outcomes. The exhibition itinerary will allow you to explore these aspects and appreciate the major masterpieces, and then set up an art studio in which to experience the creative and artistic possibilities of drawing in a completely personal way.

Thanks for the precious support: GIOTTO – love brand of F.I.L.A. Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed Affini, Tenderly – brand of Lucart Spa, Officina Profumo Farmaceutica of Santa Maria Novella and Unicoop Firenze.