11 Feb 2018

Do you miss the costume? You can create it yourself

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11February 2018



Museo Novecento

Sunday, February 11, a workshop for the artist’s masks at Museo Novecento

On the occasion of the Carnival’s weekend, Florentine Civic Museums and MUS.E Association suggest to kids and their families the opportunity to give birth to their fantasies and elaborate a very original disguise. Carnival, in fact, has always been the occasion to take another identity; kids and teens follow the characters of their dreams … that parents in turn chase after in an attempt to find proper masks and costumes.

That’s why on Sunday morning, 11th, at Museo Novecento, will be suggested the artist’s carnival workshop: All those – small and large – who have not yet given the right appearance to their ideal characters can take inspiration from art and artists trying to make a very unique disguise.

In the wake of the great artists of the twentieth century, able to interpret their role as artists in the “total” sense and to live their creativity in a transversal form, each participant can be inspired by the works of the museum for the creation of their disguise by creating their own costume, their own mask or their own make-up: the fragmented futuristic lines, the garish pop colors, the light forms or mirrors will be the way for the elaboration of a real “living work” that can then, outside the museum, take part in the great carnival parades and make a show in the great stage of life.

Important: each participant must carry a white fabric of at least 1.5m x 1.5m (an old sheet may be fine).

When: Sunday 11 February at 11am

Where: Museo Novecento

Duration: 2h

For who: families with children aged 6 to 12 years

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