22 Oct 2016

The Classroom. MASBEDO, Handle with care

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Florence, Palazzo Vecchio, Sala d’Arme October 22/24

Torino La Venaria Reale and Centro di Conservazione e Restauro 28 October / 15 January 2017

MASBEDO– Handle with care is the title of the new work by Masbedo, artistic duo composed by Iacopo Bedogni and Nicolò Masazza, which for more than ten years combines in its artistic vocabulary visual arts and direction, performative practice and choreography, literature and music.

The artists are invited by the classroom – art and education centre inaugurated in April 2016 in Milan -, to develop a personal reflection on the theme of restoration and cure of the image in the framework of a specific project, that has seen them go through the most important italian institutions, chosen as production material.

An exhibition and a course in two acts and in two cities where artists reflect on the theme of restoration and care of the image between creation and destruction of the artistic object.  The most important Italian institutions of restoration research, the Opificio delle Pietre Dure and the Centro di Restauro della Venaria, are the material chosen by Masbedo to produce a new work dedicated to the production processes, from the raw material to the finished object.

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