26 May 2017

I can do this too: meeting with the art of 20th Century

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26May 2017


17:00 – 19:00

“I can do this too” is what many visitors say (or think) of the modern and contemporary art museums, while they observe with questioning look the artworks of the great masters of the 20th and 21rst century, so different from the reassuring and persuasive forms of artistic representation of previous centuries. It was from this question that the challenge of a group of young teenagers arose, which have decided to go deeper in order to understand if it is just like that or if the artworks of our time can reveal – to the ones who are interested and have time to look – their charm and secret too. The results of this investigation are unknown, but all those – children, young and adults, who in their hearts have some hesitation in appreciating the art of our time are invited to meet them and to question them to understand what they have understood… and in turn understand.


The occasion will be on Friday, May 26 from 5p.m to 7p.m, when the young of the Liceo Scientifico E. Balducci of Pontassieve will be ready to welcome the public of every age and start a debate in front of the masterpieces of Museo Novecento: a journey back in time which will take start from the cloister, where the fluorescent neon by Maurizio Nannucci Everything might be different will invite the participants to look – at least for one evening – at things in a different way. In the first room of the museums a debate will be opened around the minimal artworks by Aperto 88; the itinerary will then wind through the elastic bands of the Wall with continuous expansion by Paolo Masi, the disorienting reflections of Marco Bagnoli and the colorful architecture of Superstudio to reach the unsettling Machine useless Bruno Munari, the famous Spatial Concept of Lucio Fontana (whose cut – from the sixties to today – continues to open questions) and the enveloping and energetic Plurimo by Emilio Vedova.

And if, once climbed upstairs, visitors will begin to breathe some sighs of relief immersed in the most reassuring sketches of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, the works will not fail to surprise and invite to reflection: Why is Fortunato Depero’s horse neighing in intergalactic space? Why does Giorgio De Chirico’s Mysterious Bathrooms float on parquet? Why do lemons, mushrooms and artichokes by Filippo De Pisis lie by the sea instead of on a table? Young people will be ready to answer these questions – and all those that the public wants to ask – by offering their own look at the art of the twentieth century and the world that gave it life. Finally, one last stop: for those who wish, thanks to the collaboration with the students of the Artistic Lyceum Leon Battista Alberti, you can test yourself… to understand if it is really so easy to cut a canvas or write with a neon.

The event is curated by the Florentine Civic Museums and the MUS.E Association in collaboration with Liceo Scientifico E. Balducci of Pontassieve and Liceo Artistico Leon Battista Alberti of Florence.

When: May 26 at 5p.m and 7p.m

For whom: for children, young and adults

Where: Museo Novecento, Santa Maria Novella square

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