8 Oct 2014

Picasso and Italy

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Series of meetings in collaboration with Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi

Wednesday 8 October at 5.30p.m
Maria Grazia Messina  – Picasso and cubism: an open question

There are many interpretations of cubism, and of Picasso’s work in particular. The conference aims to bring attention to the visual culture of Picasso, on the horizon of suggestion, between goods, advertising, photography, in place in Paris of the first decade of the ‘900. The media revolution, the multiform network of new modes of urban communication, triggers different modes of perception and consequently innovative working processes. But Picasso turns mass media devices to an otherwise elite reflection on the ways and codes of visual representation.

Wednesday 15 October at 5.30p.m Caterina Zappia – Picasso and italians: the suggestion of ancient masters and the relations with contemporary artists.

The relations between the Spanish master and our country, which he visited twice, are more intense than you think: these links are attested both by the lesson that ancient and contemporary Italian art exerted on his work and by the large series of letters that intellectual, politicians and artists sent him between 1905 and 1965.

Wednesday 22 October at 5.30p.m
Eva Francioli – In the footsteps of Picasso. Travelling conference to the collections of the Museo Novecento 

To what extent did Picasso’s work influence 20th century Italian art? What are the themes, iconography, technical and linguistic experiments? The itinerant conference, held among the collections of the Museo Novecento, offers itself as a starting point for reflection on the permanence, variations and excesses of the Picassian models, starting from a direct and open comparison with the works of some of the main Italian artists of the last century.

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