31 May 2019

Tribute to Ottone Rosai

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31May 2019



Museo Novecento


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MUS.E Association

Liceo Artistico Statale of Porta Romana and Sesto Fiorentino

To the artist Ottone Rosai (1895-1957), protagonist of the italian 20th century and florentine, in particular, is dedicated to the event planned for next Friday, May 31 at Museo Novecento, by MUS.E and by the Liceo Artistico Statale of Porta Romana, of which Rosai was a pupil.

Starting with the works at the museum, that dedicates a whole section to Rosai, students and professors of the Liceo have worked for the entire school year creating a series of dresses, that on Friday evening will parade in the cloister of the museum accompained by musics and lectures of the artist.

The collection tries to catch the suggestion of the dreamy atmospheres of Rosai’s paintings and is the result of a careful study of the chromatic range and taste for its volumes. Each dress takes its name from quotes or paintings of the artist: Sempre vivo – Tocchi di blu – Il Carmine – Sopra i tetti – Tegole – Pennellate Santo Spirito – Grattacielo – Simili screzi – Tuo Ottone.

The clothes are handmade with tecniques of fabric manipulation that allow to move the surfaces creating material and three-dimensional effects. Brushstrokes that become textile and take shape.

These creations will come to life in the cloister accompained by the scenery of large canvases, also inspired by the painting of Rosai, with the accompaniment of music of Claude Debussy, Arthur Honneger and Pasqualino Alessandro Polito played by Donatella Cheri (transverse flute) and writings of the artist read by Francesco Gori.

The clothes are realized by the pupils: Agopian Mia – Bedogni Eleonora – Bellini Giada – Bencini Marta – Bettazzi  Cosimo Biffoli Sonia – Cantini Federico – Carta Ilaria – Cerulli Isabella – Cioni Matilda – Creati Alessia – Dainelli Sara – De Felice Lilia – Dessanti Petra – Di Geronimo Francesca – Forni Camilla – Goretti Dario – Marchesi Emma Rose – Mazza Keerti – Peroni Emma – Salvani Labuguen Beulahjoy – Scapecchi Elisa – Visaggio Giulia – Vivoli Denis coordinated by Giuseppina Gruppillo and Emanuela Pintus.

The canvases of scenary have been realized by the students: Belardinelli Lavinia – Betti Chiara – Bruno Francesca – Carini Benedetta – Casalini Iris Cecioni Matilda Lagia – Colli Elena – Cristofani Marta – Ibro Manuel – Palchetti Alice Pancani Sofia – Papi Ginevra – Pieraccioni Valentina – Poli Irene – Pucci margherita – Roccatelli Francesca imena – Scenarelli Fiammetta Maria – Screciu Cristina Mihaela – Volpini Matilda – Wang Dan Ni Elisa, coordinated by Elisa Zadi

When: May 31 at 6.30p.m

Where: Museo Novecento, Santa Maria Novella square, 10

For who: young and adults

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