13 Apr 2015

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13April 2015



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Monday 13 April, 17.30 – Paolo Rusconi In the workshop of Corrente. Youth unrest and artistic production at the end of the 30s

The eruption of the young artists of the Milanese magazine “Corrente di vita giovanile” (1938-1940) strongly influenced the artistic debate at the end of the decade. The often polemical nature of their intervention and the development of new languages open to a European dimension established, not without contradictions, an artistic canon that would go through the years of war.

Presentation of the exhibition Resistere nel tempo. Guttuso, Manzù and the “Memories of a resistant bourgeois” in the presence of the Mayor of the City of Pelago Renzo Zucchini, the President of the City Council Giacomo Peroni and the President of the Fondazione Corrente di Milano Gianni Cervetti.

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