14 Feb 2020

Nebulae. The performance by Cristiana Palandri

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14February 2020



Museo Novecento

Free admission subject to availability


Cristiana Palandri

Elena Gigliucci

Lorenza Sganzetta

The Museo Novecento celebrates Valentine’s Day with a performance in which the protagonists are two dancers and an environmental intertwining of different languages.

On Friday 14 February the audio-visual installation Nebulae by Cristiana Palandri will be staged, with the performers Elena Gigliucci and Lorenza Sganzetta. There are three possibilities to attend the performance: at 5.30 pm, 6.00 pm and 6.30 pm, with free admission subject to availability. Nebulae takes shape from the research that the artist Cristiana Palandri has been conducting since 2010 on cosmogonies, through different combinations of performance, sculpture, installation, drawing, sound, video and digital compositions.

In Nebulae, three different languages ​​coexist without a hierarchy: gestural, visual and sound. The gestures of the performers trigger an abstraction that represents a slice of space, a nebula. The dancers, who wear costumes that enlarge their bodies and alter their movements, lead through a path consisting of three moments to the visualization of the nebula. The vehicle of this journey is a sculpture, a disputed object because it is the only element that can trigger the functioning of the audio-video installation thanks to a light placed on it and activated by the performer.

For Cristiana Palandri: “Nebulae aspires to be a spatial gateway and a metaphor of its origin, in fact it is a work on synaesthesia in which three languages ​​- gestural, visual and sound – contribute to the formation of an equal semantic system, without the enslavement of one language to another “.

The performance (lasting about 15-20 minutes) is divided into three moments: Darkness, Light and Nebulae Projection.

The two dancers begin the action in the absence of light. The public can only hear the sound of their breaths, their gestures (falls, steps, body holds) and some phonemes. Then the room in which the action takes place is illuminated, allowing the public to see the appearance of the two presences, discovering their sculptural costumes, tribal make-up and a sculpture with the shape of a stick, the subject of contention.

At the same time, an audio track starts playing which will be the common thread of the performers’ gestures. Once this action is completed, the lights go out and there is a return to darkness, which will be broken thanks to the use of a small light applied to the sculpture-stick. This light source, through the handling of the stick by one of the two dancers, will trigger the real-time production of the Nebulae audio-video projection. On the back wall will appear myriads of luminous points, a cosmic dance as in the origins of the whole, the formation, expansion and contraction of a stellar dust, a galaxy of minimal signs that floats in space, according to the rhythm imposed by the dancers.

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