27 May 2017

Digital natives? Tablet, smartphones and cartoons: instructions for the use

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27May 2017



Museo Novecento

The Museo Novecento has recently been the protagonist of a series of events and initiatives linked with technology and innovation, placing itself against experts and curious as a center for reflection and research of new media and paying particular attention to the application of media in the field of cultural heritage: just mention the project Innovecento, which involved numerous technological start-ups in the implementation of pilot projects in the museum context; the study days Museums, Technologies, Public and the recent experiences proposed during the event Florence of Children last weekend, thanks to which children and families have been able to venture into the future of technology by seizing not only its spectacular dimension but also and above all its educational and educational potential.

That’s why at the conclusion of the conference Media Education Zerosei organized by the University of Florence on Saturday, May 27 will be held at the Museo Novecento – in the afternoon from 4.30p.m to 5.30p.m – the laboratory for digital Native families? Tablets, smartphones and cartons: instructions for use, which will cover, in particular, the issue of the relationship between childhood and touchscreen. How many hours in front of the screen? Which screen? Talking to friends, family and relatives in videochat, skype or other is positive? Touching with your hands is a way to know: is it also possible to touch digital screens? Questioning is a first step towards something that, rather than instructions for use, is a path towards awareness of the potential of the tools that, in the educational field, are added to the other languages already used.

In the family, parents have to manage, however they want to address the topic, something that can not be ignored since our reality is now permeated by new means of communication (smartphones, tablets, touchscreens, computers…) in a capillary and immersive way; for the best use it is therefore necessary that there are conscious adults, able to accompany boys and girls to a critical and creative use of technology. Together with experts from the University of Florence, then, at the Museo Novecento adults and children can “touch” vices and virtues of the use of technologies and bring home a little more awareness in the daily management of the screen. The workshop is aimed at both parents and children and will allow a shared, interactive and exciting experience.

Who: for families with children 0/6 years

When: Saturday 27 May h16.30

Where: Museo Novecento, Piazza Santa Maria Novella 10

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