11 Nov 2017


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Saturday, November 11 the second mistery to be solved at Museo Novecento

Among the museums of Florence there is a mystery. Indeed, four. They are riddles, arcanes and mysteries that have only one thing in common: they take place in the city’s museums.

Here is that among the cloisters of Santa Maria Novella seems to have gone back in time; we are at the end of the fourteenth century and a secret is hidden among the frescoes, the tombstones and the protagonists of the convent:  It will be possible to decipher it only by interweaving particular paintings, stealthy presences, ancient inscriptions and activating eyes and brain. In the rooms of the Museo Novecento, instead, a mystery is underway: the clues are the works, the suspects are the artists; will the participants be able to unravel the mystery? And yet, at the Museo Stefano Bardini a theft has just been made: a mysterious work has disappeared, difficult to identify among the museum’s rich collections…if it were not for a dossier full of clues and testimonies to be analyzed. Finally, Palazzo Vecchio, wonderful theater of mysteries from the Middle Ages to the present day, once again invites you to reveal yourself and its secrets. The groups that in the four evenings will be able to solve the mysteries will have an exceptional aperitif at eighty meters high… on top of the Arnolfo Tower!

Mysterion is the title of this saga of events, organized by the Florentine Civic Museums and MUS.E with the collaboration of a staff of young university students armed with passion and inventiveness: it is in fact four initiatives designed by young people and aimed at their peers, inviting you to look at the Florentine heritage through the eyes of millennials and relive the thrills of history. The project was born a year ago, when the city’s museums had an idea: why not design initiatives for young people – typically absent from museums – just with those who are young and share their tastes, interests and needs? The University of Florence has accepted the proposal, inviting its students to be part of a working group – on a voluntary basis, for the sheer and incredible pleasure of doing so – aimed at “greening” the offer of museums for the youth audience. So, after a few months of work made of inspections, meetings, surveys, meetings, here is the first result: Mysterion.

The project is curated by MUS. E e Musei Civici Fiorentini in partnership with the University of Florence and in collaboration with Unicoop Firenze as part of the Under 30. Teatri, cinema, concerti e musei per giovani.

The second unmissable event will be held Saturday, November 11 from 18 to 20 at the Museo Novecento.

It’s only been a few years since the flood that hit Florence relentlessly. The best Italian artists and art critics have come together to launch a message of art rebirth, but a terrible murder comes to interrupt the evening. The clues to solve the case are in the hands of the artists themselves, who are lurking in the halls of the Novecento museum. Who will be able to solve the mystery? Only the best will be allowed to climb the Torre d’Arnolfo and to embrace the whole city in a glance

For whom: young teams from 18 to 30 years (minimum 3/ maximum 6 participants for each team). As a prize to the winning team of each chapter of Mysterion will be offered, the same evening of the event, an aperitif on top of the Tower of Arnolfo.


Saturday 11 November 6p.m/8p.m Museo Novecento, piazza Santa Maria Novella 10 €4,00 cad.

Sunday, November 26 11a.m/5p.m (departures every hour) Museo Stefano Bardini , via dei Renai 37 €4,50 cad.

Saturday, December 9 7p.m/9p.m Museo di Palazzo Vecchio, piazza Signoria 1 €8,00 cad.

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