20 May 2017

Minecraft for ‘Firenze dei Bambini’

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Unique event in the world the one that children are going to experience in the days of Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 on the occasion of the festival “Firenze dei Bambini” promoted by the Municipality of Florence and organized by MUS.E. Within the walls of Museo Novecento, right in front of the beautiful Santa Maria Novella Square, “Città del Futuro” will take place, where youngs will have the opportunity to express their creativity also through the new technologies.

“We will use Minecraft, the most popular PC game in the world, to make children approach to art.” explains Marco Vigelini through the 60 world renowed Minecraft’s educators and who has introduced this game as educational tool in the italian school system. “The Museum of London and the Tate Modern have already realized some Minecraft’s worlds with the intent of making the children observe the artistic London of the 20th century or relive the Great Fire of London in 1666. Together with MUS.E we have dediced to go far beyond, where no museum until now had tried to go. The youngs will play the role of the artist and, for the first time in the world, the works phisically realized in those two days within the spaces of Museo Novecento will be “exposed” in the virtual spaces of the same Museo Novecento reconstructed in Minecraft. Together with the help of Creatubbles.com (safe social platform for children), of team Shapescape (Minecraft’s worlds builders) and of international youtubers as Adam Clarke and Stephen Reid we have made available for children around the world the entire city center of Florence entirely rebuilt in Minecraft, block after block.”

A short video preview is available at this link: tinyurl.com/musecraft

“In addition to the opportunity’ to allow children to exhibit their artistic artifacts in the virtual Museo Novecento and make known the beauty of Florence to children around the world” – explains Giovanni Carta, responsible for MUS. And of the communication and external relations area ” we liked the idea of Minecraft because we will also use it as a tool to convey the contents of the Replicate project to young people. Young people will have the opportunity to interact with some characters who will explain how the solutions identified in the project Replicate – sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, development of the Internet of Things – can improve the quality of life of every citizen, demonstrating the positive impact of innovative technologies.” Technically, the kids’ artistic creations will be digitalized and shared through the secure social platform for artists from all over the world created by the Japanese startup Creatubbles.com. By means of the Creatubbles mod these digitizations will be easily transformed into Minecraft paintings ready to be posted and exhibited inside the Museo Novecento virtual: you will move from a physical museum to a virtual one, exposing, however, the true artistic artifact made physically by the child.

The Minecraft world for “Florence of Children” will be made available on the website of the Museo Novecento starting from Monday, May 22 with all the instructions to allow children to continue to exhibit their creations and appreciate the artistic riches of the entire city of Florence by visiting it virtually.

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