19 Sep 2015

Lucia D’Errico in concert: Saturday 19 September

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19September 2015



Museo Novecento

Lucia D’Errico in concert: Saturday 19 September, recital acoustic guitar, electric guitar

Tristan Murail, Vampyr!

Lucia D’Errico, only minus one (part 1), 1(sdi – 1), 2(sdi – 1), 3 (sdi – 1), n(Amaryllis) – 1

Fausto Romitelli, Trash TV Trance

Lucia D’Errico, solo meno uno (part 2), A Michelangelo, n(Amarilli) – 1, Madonna il poco dolce

Lucia D’Errico | guitars, live electronics and samples

The project Shadows from the Missing Centre is conceived as a series of anamorphic looks towards a sound object from the early Baroque. The original piece is not reproduced, as the traditional function of the performer would like; but it is the generator of an affection that, acting on the musical interiority of the performer by means of a total externality, rises to a dimension of autonomy towards both the piece and the musician. The result is the sound rendering of the spectral and potential hour encounter between opera and performer: “a tertium non datur, preceding the distinction between activity and passivity: affection” (Massumi). Part of a larger research project, the performance is an attempt to propose a new figure of musical interpreter who manages to escape the position of redundancy generated by the traditional identity relationship between opera and performer.

Lucia D’Errico dedicates her activity as a musician to experimental music. He plays acoustic and electric guitar, bass, oud, and several other plucked instruments. As a perfomer and improviser, she collaborates with contemporary music groups and with theatre, dance and visual art companies (including Laboratorio Novamusica Venezia, Sentieri Selvaggi Milano, Kinkaleri Prato, Teatro di Dioniso Torino, etc.). He studied classical guitar at the B. Marcello Conservatory in Venice, and a master’s degree in Anglistics at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. He is currently working on a research project (ME21 guest of the Orpheus Institute in Ghent, docARTES program at the University of Louvain) on the recomposition of early baroque music. It’s active as a freelance graphic designer.

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