4 Feb 2015

Longhi in 1918. New documents and openings

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4February 2015



Museo Novecento

Twentieth century presents: Wednesday, February 4 at 17.30: Mauro Pratesi, Longhi in 1918. New documents and openings introduced by Prof. Marino Biondi (University of Florence)

In 1918 Roberto Longhi began to collaborate with the Roman magazine “Rassegna Italiana”, publishing a long critical talk on contemporary artistic events: from the inauguration of the cinema Course designed in Rome by Marcello Piacentini, the illustration and the Italian and European graphics, up to the representation of the Plastic Balls of Depero at the Teatro dei Piccoli.

Years later, Longhi himself censored Piacentini’s architecture without appeal, together with the critical note related to Depero’s performance, in the first volume of his Scritti Giovanili delle Opere Complete, published in 1961. Those brief but significant interventions are now proposed to the public to better understand and broaden the critic’s thinking in the 1920s.

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