30 Jun 2022

The artist’s atelier

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Special appointments around the work of
Giulio Paolini, Filippo de Pisis e Luca Vitone

Museo Novecento presents to the public a program of three special events curated by MUS.E dedicated to the current exhibitions “Giulio Paolini. When is the present?”,“Filippo de Pisis. The illusion of superficiality” and “Luca Vitone. D’apres (De Pisis-Paolini)“. Thanks to this triptych of encounters, the public will be invited to make a real journey into the works of the artists and thus discover their details and curiosities.

The first appointment, The artist’s atelier, will take place on Thursday 30 June at 6:30 pm and will be led by Sergio Risaliti, Director of the Museo Novecento. The artist’s studio is at the center of the three artists’ iconographic research and, reappearing from work to work, it takes on an ever-changing appearance. While De Pisis and Paolini stage the tools of the trade together with the artist’s studio, Vitone presents us with that magical space where different and more real worlds are born, transforming the dust of Giulio Paolini’s studio into a monochrome. The studio is the magical place, the alchemical cabinet where inventions are born and where the work is built. Then the artist asks the visitor to approach the threshold to observe and contemplate this place where art happens, in the absence of the craftsman.

Wednesday 20 July, again at 6:30pm, will be the turn of Paintings as rebuses, a meeting dedicated to Filippo de Pisis, curated by Federica Berti and Marco Salvucci: thanks to a narration that intertwines the painter’s life and works and all ‘live performance of some artist’s drawings, the public will have the opportunity to learn more about the biography of one of the most eclectic and experimental artists of the twentieth century and the many references inherent in his paintings, where each element offers itself as a tool for investigation , as a viaticum for a journey into depth, as an open and enigmatic symbol of reality.

The third meeting, Art as a mystery curated by Marco Salvucci and Valentina Zucchi, will instead take place on Wednesday 10 August, again at 6:30 pm and will focus on the figure and work of the master Giulio Paolini. Also in this case the story and the reflection will be accompanied by a series of drawings made in “live” form, in the suggestive dialogue between word and image. The key theme of the meeting will be Paolini’s deep and refined investigation of the concept of art and creation, an unfathomable miracle of man’s thought and hand in the face of the world and its mysteries.

Although temporally distant from each other, the three artists are presented inside the museum, enhancing their connections, references and correspondences, in a kaleidoscopic system of intertwining; similarly, the meetings allow to deepen, according to three different and complementary perspectives, to what extent the artist’s studio and his working tools are the premises – material, symbolic and conceptual – from which the works are generated and come to life, bringing the public to delve into the game of art and the world of images. In the art of De Pisis, Paolini and Vitone memory, melancholy and lightness are combined in an infinitely varied way, eluding any reference to actuality; through a maze of references and connections, the three exhibitions call the visitor into a “theater of evocation”.

For whom: for young people and adults
When: Thursday 30 June, Wednesday 20 July and Wednesday 10 August at 6.30 pm
Where: Museo Novecento, Piazza Santa Maria Novella 10, Florence
Duration: one hour
Costs: participation is free. Entrance to the museum and exhibitions is not included.

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