1 Jun 2019

Can Art save the world?

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In collaboration with

Fondazione Salvatore Ferragamo

MUS.E Association

UNESCO Office – Municipality of Florence

Saturday 1rst and Sunday 2nd June a rich program of tours and laboratories to think green

Can Art save the world? This is the title of the essay by Sergio Risaliti in the catalogue of the current exhibition Sustainable thinking; and on the occasion of the Festival for the Sustainable Development – at this third edition and planned from May 21 to June 6 throughout the country – here is a weekend entirely dedicated to the dialogue between art, society and the environment. The proposal stems from the conviction that culture is entrusted with the most complex and delicate task, that is to invite to a sincere individual reflection, to an authentic thought of community, to a conscious gaze towards a world that can change. These are the reasons why Museo Novecento, UNESCO Office of the Municipality of Florence and MUS.E propose, in collaboration with Salvatore Ferragamo’s Museum, two days for “sustainability” and inspired by the 17 Global Goals defined by the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations (www.asvis.it), goals that are on the foundations of the Florence Historic Centre World Heritage Management Plan: to contribute to an important and vital project, which requires of each of us a new vision and a timely action, towards a planet less focused on ourselves and more on what sorrounds us. The initiatives aim to disseminate the objectives of the AtlaS.WH European Project (www.atlaswh.eu) to raise awareness on the theme of the sustainable development of historical cities, contemporary societies and their cultural heritage.

The sustainable atelier
curated by Fondazione Ferragamo

The young fashion designers will be called to face a great challenge: design and create a collection based on recicle and re-use, on the quality of craftmanship and experimentation. Sharing ideas, solutions and personal skills young people will make clothes and accessories to dress some mannequins working in small groups, from the sketch to the definition of the tasks, from the realization of the dress to that of the accessories.

When: Saturday, June 1rst at 4p.m

For who: familes with kids 10/13 year olds

Duration: 2h

Life Guards. Dialogues between art, architecture and sustainability

The conversation will revolve around the exhibition projects related to the theme of sustainability, with particular reference to the artworks by Lucy + Jorge Orta and to the projects related to the eco-sustainable architecture by the german studio Bureau Botanik and by the School of Sustainability (SOS) directed by Mario Cucinella. The installations, models, images will allow us to reflect on the great themes of contemporary and future society and will offer food for thought towards a new – and possible – balance with the planet. Because, as the artists of Orta remind us “together we would like to be active agents in a world that we all dream”.

When: Sunday, June 2 at 11a.m and 12a.m

For who: youngs and adults

Durata: 50’

Atelier Natura

The beautiful still lifes shown in the exhibition dedicated to Giorgo Morandi and those coming from the Alberto Della Ragione Collection, will be the beginning of a reflection on the artistic genre of the still life through the centuries, up to the wonderful nature-carpets by Pietro Gilardi. Incredible compositions made with art that mimic nature and will invite kids to interpret vegetal elements in an artistic key for a real “living art”.

When: Sunday, June 2 at 3p.m and 4.30p.m

For who: families with children aged 6/10 years

Duration: 1h15’

Tours at the exhibition Sustainable thinking

Sustainability defines the ability of the human being to “satisfy the needs of the present without compromising the possibility that future generations can satisfy their owns”. It is a challenge that not only involves the production methods, but implies also a major attention to the environment. The balance must be restored, starting from a conscious and shared way of thinking, able to develop new strategies for development and coexistence. The tour to the exhibition Sustainable Thinking will allow to reflect on these themes, through visions of fashion and art. On show, artists, fashion designers, companies producing fabrics and yarns offer a plurality of ideas for a project able to use new technologies without undergoing them, to decline the local with the global, safeguard our eco-system. You can visit the exhibition guided by a specialized operator with a ticket reduced to half price.

When: May 24, 25 e 31, June 1rst at 11a.m and 6.30p.m

For who: youngs and adults

Duration: 1h

Animated visit to the exhibition Sustainable thinking

For the little ones, Salvatore Ferragamo’s Museum, in collaboration with Fondazione Ferragamo, suggests the itinerary Sustainable Thinking. Thinking sustainable to change the world. Thanks to the fuide of a specialized operator and to the purpose-built text, the little participants will explore the world of the sustainability through the language of fashion and art, addressing issues related to the environment and the society, interacting with the different tyoes of materials and reflecting on the works of the international designers and artists.

When: June 2nd at 4p.m

For who: children aged 6 to 9 years

Duration: 1h

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