7 Feb 2016

The Domenica Metropolitana of 7 February 2016

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7February 2016


10:00 – 18:00

The Sunday of February offers itself, thanks to the support of Giotto-FILA, as an opportunity to discover the riches of the civic heritage: in addition to the usual visits and activities in the Florentine Civic Museums, there are proposals on the exhibition The prince of dreams. Giuseppe in the Medici tapestries of Pontormo and Bronzino, closing next February 15, the conference-conversation Logos of the past: the Medici enterprises in Palazzo Vecchio and the new thematic path The treasure of Santa Maria Novella.

The Museo Novecento will also be animated by the unprecedented and grandiose art installation Aria di Novecento, curated by the Liceo Leon Battista Alberti, which will be the way to learn more about and appreciate some sections of the museum. Visits to the Gino Bartali Museum are also scheduled. The Metropolitan Sunday also includes the renovated Museum of Misericordia in Piazza Duomo, reopened last January 20, with free guided tours at h15.30, 16.00 and h16.30 for max. 20 participants each.

MUSEO NOVECENTOAria di Novecento

 for all
time: 10.00a.m, 10.30a.m, 11.00a.m, 11.30,a.m 12.00p.m, 12.30p.m, 15.00p.m, 15.30p.m, 16.00p.m, 16.30p.m, 17.00p.m, 17.30p.m
duration: 30’

Throughout the day the gallery of the museum will be animated by an art installation created by the students of the Liceo Artistico Leon Battista Alberti, the result of the educational path carried out by the boys around the works of art and the exhibition of the Museo Novecento. In this sense, the work is inspired by the spectacular performances put in place by the radical architects in the sixties and also treasures the incredible evolutions in the fashion field during the twentieth century: ideas that the boys have reworked to propose to the public a “monumental” installation with which to interact thanks to short artistic activities and from which to draw elements of reflection.

Please note that all guided tours and activities are free for citizens resident in the metropolitan city of Florence and booking is mandatory. At the time of booking it is possible to reserve only one appointment during the day for a maximum of 5 people.

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