23 Mar 2019

English at Museo, MUS.ENGLISH is back

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From March the new english course for kids from 11 to 14 years at Museo Novecento.

After the success of the 2 cycles for children, Florentine Civic Museums and MUS.E – in collaboration with English Florence – present an intensive mini-intensive course for kids from 11 to 14 years: in line with the latest way of interdisciplinary learning and with the finality of making more widespread and pervasive the cultural attendance, the english course will be suggested in an exceptional contest and will use art as raw material. The cycle will start on Saturday, March 23 and will develop in four saturdays, until Saturday, April 13: the meeting point of the lessons will be Museo Novecento, whose masterpieces and installations will offer new ideas for an original and participatory learining.

The interdisciplinarity, in fact, is a guide line of the proposal, by offering the opportunity of linking the learning of the English language to a unique experience, aesthetic and pleasant at the same time. From the language’s point of view, the cours will allow the participants to acquire a basic vocabulary, to analize the principal grammatical forms and to improve the comprehension and pronunciation of the language; at the same time the meetings – thanks to paths and thematical workshops – will allow to approach to our time’s art and absorb specific knowledge and artistic abilities

March 23: portrait, self portrait and selfie
March 30: quotes, mottos and statementes in art
April 6: the landscape, a window on the worldio, una finestra sul mondo
April 13: Animated drawing

At the end of any cycle, every kid will receive a certificate of participation.

For who: kids from 11 to 14 years (minimum 8- maximum 12 participants)

Where: Museo Novecento, Santa Maria Novella Square, 10 Florence

When: from Saturdat March 23 to April 13 at 11a.m/1p.m

Duration: 4 meetings of 2h each

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