4 Mar 2020

Images of the contemporary world: how to decipher them?

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Museo Novecento

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Marcella Cangioli

Laura Lombardi

Sergio Risaliti

At the Museo Novecento a cycle of three meetings organized by the cultural association Firenze Città Nascosta

How to interpret the “deluge of images” that come to us every day through the internet, smartphones, television and print channels? It is a challenge that also concerns art.
From these premises the cycle of three meetings was born Images of the contemporary world: how to decipher them? which kicks off on Wednesday 4 March at the Museo Novecento in Florence, organized by the cultural association Firenze Città Nascosta in collaboration with the Museo Novecento and the Municipality of Florence.

The meetings, introduced by the artistic director of the Novecento Museum Sergio Risaliti and by the President of Florence Città Nascosta Marcella Cangioli, will be held by Laura Lombardi, art historian, professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera, curator and art critic, Journalist.

Laura Lombardi observes: “How to extricate oneself within the endless labyrinth of visual stimuli that, in the increasingly virtual world in which we live, make it difficult for us to distinguish the boundary between image and reality? A challenge that also concerns art, in which forms of expression are generated that radically change the relationship between the artist and the viewer: the latter is in fact often called upon to be part of the work, to complete its meaning. This implies the overcoming of the categories of taste used up to now for the history of art and the use of languages ​​no longer limited to those of traditional media (painting, sculpture, graphics). Visual Culture Studies (studies of visual culture) have been analyzing this phenomenon for some decades to decipher what is called the contemporary ‘iconosphere’“.

The first appointment, From the history of art to the history of images, scheduled for Wednesday 4 March at 5.30 pm will summarize some of the best-known addresses of visual studies, developed from the nineties to today: different ways to grasp the new ways of seeing the world around us and the ways of being ‘seen’ as protagonists of today’s society.

The second meeting From fake to fake, to post-production, Wednesday 11 March at 5.30 pm, will analyze the complex and nuanced intersection between authenticity, copy, fake and reproduction that has affected every area of ​​culture and society in recent decades, since , with the spread of digital technologies, the perception of events has changed and with it the nature and status of the work of art itself.

Talking about images also means considering their destruction, in a world where iconoclasm is an ancient phenomenon but in strong comeback: the third meeting, Iconoclasm and invisibility, Wednesday 18 March at 5.30 pm, starting from examples of conceptual art of the seventies to reach young artists of our years, will investigate this phenomenon as deeply connected to the proliferation of images and therefore to their deliberate negation, concealment, cancellation.

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