5 Feb 2015

Illustration, cinema and comics in the early 20th century: Le Stelle di Yambo

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A project by INAF Astrophysical Observatory of Arcetri and Museo Novecento, in collaboration with Pragma Teatro

At the beginning of the twentieth century Yambo (Enrico Novelli) is one of the precursors of the science fiction genre and a pioneer of the modern story by images in Italy. Eclectic author works as an illustrator, caricaturist, writer but also director. In 1910 he made Un matrimonio interplanetario (1908) and in the thirties many publications related to children’s publishing and several collaborations with the major newspapers of the time.

The meetings hosted at the Astrophysical Observatory of Arcetri and the Museo Novecento shed light on its heterogeneous production and, in particular, on its interest in science, contextualizing Yambo’s activity in the historical panorama of those years.

Thursday 5 February at 17:30, at the Astrophysical Observatory of Arcetri (entrance from via del Pian dei Giullari, 16)

Antonio Faeti, scholar of children’s literature, illustration and comics
Ferdinand’s master? Yambo writer more than current
introduce Paolo Tozzi and Francesca Brunetti (INAF Astrophysical Observatory of Arcetri)
in collaboration with liber (Children’s and Youth Books)

Wednesday 11 February at 17.30, at the Museo Novecento
Denis Lotti (University of Padua)

An interplanetary marriage: Future sidereal horizons according to Yambo, between futuristism and colonialism
introduced by Lapo Casetti (University of Florence)
with screening of the film “An interplanetary marriage” by Yambo
in collaboration with Museo del Cinema di Torino

Wednesday 18 February at 17.30, at the Museo Novecento
Fabio Gadducci (University of Pisa)

Between fiction and comics: the fantastic science of Yambo
introduced by Paolo Tozzi (INAF Astrophysical Observatory of Arcetri)

Wednesday 25 February st 17.30 ,at Museo Novecento
Luca Mazzei (University of Tor Vergata Studies)

Between Viale de Amicis and the West: imagical-cinematographic itineraries by an illustrator with a science cue
introduces Lapo Casetti (University of Florence)

Thursday 5 March at 17.30, at l’Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri (entrance from via del Pian dei Giullari, 16)

Paolo Caneppele (Österreichisches Filmmuseum, Wien)
1910: The fear of the comet in the cinema and in the world
Antonella Gasperini and John Brucato introduce (INAF Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri)

For Pragma Teatro: Bernardo Bugiani, Costanza Bugiani, Marco Gargiulo and Mirko Risaliti

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