26 Oct 2017

The public at the center

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In the months of October and November 5 training days for museum operators

Organizing the visit experience in the best possible way, welcoming and communicating with the most diverse types of public, is one of the main missions of a museum. The diversification of the targets involves understanding the needs of visitors and planning specific programs and services. Hence the need for a training program dedicated to those who work in museums on a daily basis: a series of appointments to explore – thanks to the contributions of experts and scholars – the needs, characteristics and best ways of relating to certain targets.

26 October H10:00 am – Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea

“Great museums for very small visitors: when art and culture meet 0-3 year olds”

Speakers Agnese Infantino, Università degli Studi di Milano – Bicocca e Mirella Ruozzi, Reggio Children

2 November H10:00 am Museo Novecento

“Cultural passports: identity, roots and heritage in dialogue with immigrants and new citizens”

Speakers Ali Adel Jabbar, STUDIO RES, Trento e Khadija Madda, Università di Bologna.
With the contribution of Regione Toscana.

6 November H10:00 am Musei di Fiesole

“For social inclusion: museums for the blind and visually impaired” The meaning of this day.

Speaker Marco De Marco, Conservator of the Musei di Fiesole.

“The rehabilitator: considerations on the initiative”.

Speaker Dr Roberto Volpe, Responsable of the service IPOVISIONE of the Hospital S Donato di Arezzo

Archaeological area of ​​Fiesole: accessibility and understanding.

Speaker Roberto Sabelli, Architect and Professor.

The Museum for social inclusion.

Speaker Antonio Quatraro, Professor, Typhlologist, President of the Unione Italiana Ciechi and Ipovedenti Toscana.

Designing together for effective and truly inclusive use.

Speaker Francesco Fratta, Professor and member Direzione Nazionale Unione Italiana Ciechi.

17 November H10:00 am Museo degli Innocenti

“Museum for all – Museum accessibility for people with intellectual disabilities” Museums and accessibility, meaning and reality.

Speaker Miriam Mandosi, museologist and museum accessibility expert.

Open a museum to people with intellectual disabilities: who, why, what, how to do.

Speaker Carlo Riva, director, associazione l’abilità onlus

21 November H10:00 am Fondazione Primo Conti

“Teens and Museums: is it possible?”
“Teens-LAB Educational paths and explorations. From the museum to the classroom and back “.

Speaker Giovanna Uzzani, art historian / teacher of art history in upper secondary school

“Teenagers and contemporary art. Experiences of contemporary education in territories without “places of art”: a dialogue between young people and teens through “time based art”.

Speaker Valentina Gensini, Artistic Director Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea , Mus.e

“Paper museums: when the book makes you a work of art”.

Speaker Teresa Porcella, writer, editor and children’s bookseller

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