11 Sep 2019

The artist’s book. Poetic-Political Weapon

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11September 2019



Museo Novecento

Free admission subject to availability


Tommaso Sacchi

Councilor for culture of the Municipality of Florence

Alessandra Acocella

Silvia Alessandri

Giovanni Iovane

Elena Pontiggia

Sergio Risaliti

On the occasion of the end of the exhibition Luciano Caruso. Alchemy of extremes, underway in the Open Field section, critics and scholars are called to discuss the historical, artistic and social value of the artist’s book, intended as a means of poetic expression and political struggle.

Introduced by: Tommaso Sacchi, Councilor for culture of the Municipality of Florence
Speakers: Alessandra Acocella, Silvia Alessandri, Giovanni Iovane, Elena Pontiggia, Sergio Risaliti

At the center of the debate will be, in particular, the creations of Luciano Caruso, Vincenzo Agnetti and Maria Lai. These three protagonists of twentieth-century art, to whom the Museo Novecento dedicated specific exhibition projects between 2018 and 2019, have been dealing with this practice for a long time, declining it into solutions strongly rooted in the historical and civil fabric to which they belong. In addition to investigating the original research on language (written, visual, performative) conducted by the three artists, the meeting will be an opportunity to question the role played in society and in the history of contemporary art by this particular type of work, by transdisciplinary character.

In collaboration with: Archivio Vincenzo Agnetti, Archivio Luciano Caruso, Archivio Maria Lai

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