26 Mar 2017

The song of painting. Conversations for adults and workshops for families at Museo Novecento

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Discovering “Visions from the North” 26 March – 23 April – 21 May 2017

During the exhibition Visioni dal Nord. Pittura estone della collezione Enn Kunila i Musei Civici Fiorentini and the Association MUS.E they propose to the public a calendar of initiatives dedicated to both adults and families. The works on display are in fact offered to visitors according to a multiplicity of keys: on the one hand – so deeply lyrical, nourished with color, matter and magic – they invite to an immediate aesthetic adhesion, to an emotional affinity, to a “feast of the eye” which participates in the enchantment of landscapes and nature; for another the same works – so close and yet so far from the Mediterranean universe – question the gaze and ask to be deciphered and understood, imply the stories and roots of a European country on the Baltic Sea that, Thanks to painting, you have the opportunity to explore and get to know.

Visions from the North. Conversations on display

“If he was captured in a landscape by a pattern or a harmonious set of colors, he would immediately stop, He would sit down and start shaking A charcoal drawing, which was usually as simple as possible. The application of colors took place incredibly quickly, with a brushstroke following each other. The trees, the sky, the ground, the water all received a slap of color in the face. However, each splash of color seemed to fit perfectly in its place and attach happily to the brushstrokes already laid out.” This is how he recalls a dear friend of Konrad Mägi, one of the most representative artists of the early twentieth century in Estonia; and it is in fact the color – magical, auroral, deep – to be the protagonist of his works and of the artists on display. The visit will allow you to appreciate the salient features of Estonian painting of the first decades of the twentieth century, capturing peculiarities and responses to what was sprouting in the same period in the rest of Europe.

For whom: for young people and adults

When: 26 March – 23 April – 21 May h15 

The colours of Northern Europe. Painting workshop

What happened in the first half of the twentieth century in distant Estonia? What cultural climate did the artists breathe and how did they express their poetry? The exhibition will be an opportunity to get in touch with a highly expressive, wise art, in which the landscape is the main subject and color is the undisputed protagonist. After a short journey in the exhibition rooms, participants can try their hand at a real painting atelier, focused on some of the details of the works and aimed at experiencing first-hand the rendering – and magic – of the colors.

Who: for families with children 8/12 years

When: 26 March – 23 April – 21 May h16.30

Where: Museo Novecento

Duration: 1h15′ approx

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