12 May 2018

Guest. Isia

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12May 2018


10:00 – 13:00

Museo Novecento

Free admission subject to availability

Infographics and infoesthetics
In collaboration with Isia Firenze

The Museo Novecento hosts a round table organized as part of the second edition of “Infographics and Infoesthetics“, the format where new directions for communicating information are explored.

What role does data play in our lives today? Can data have a “poetic” component? What role does the aesthetic component play within Information Design? How can new technologies, such as Virtual Reality, open up to new, more immersive ways of reading data?

“Infographics and Infoesthetics” will try to answer some of these questions
Friday 11 and Saturday 12 May 2018, in Florence, thanks to the presence of some of the most important experts on the subject in Italy and abroad.

“Infographic and Infoaesthetics” is an event organized by ISIA Firenze, with the patronage of AIAP – the Italian association of visual communication design, and IIID – International Institute for Information Design, with the support of MIUR – Ministry of Education, University and of Research, and AFAM – Higher Education in Art, Music and Dance.

Program and registration for the Workshop: https://infograficaeinfoestetica.com

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