13 Oct 2018

Contemporary Day – “Twelve Contemporary Hours”

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13October 2018


11:00 – 23:00

Twelve hours of exhibitions and events for the special opening of Saturday, October 13 which, from 11a.m to 11p.m will alternate guided tours, meetings, readings, videos and performances

Museo Novecento opens its doors to the Contemporary Day 2018 with a day rich in appointment entitled “Twelve Contemporary Hours”. The 14th edition of the initiative, that on Saturday, October 13 will involve more than a thousand museum realities all around Italy, counts also on the partiticipation of the florentine museum that offers to the public 12 hours of contemporary art and cultural mediation, from 11a.m to the closure at 11p.m (posticipated for the occasion), during which the public will not only visit the spaces and temporary exhibitions of the museum, but also can participate to guided tours, meetings, readings and free performances for the visitors.

In the morning workshops are scheduled for the approach to art dedicated to children organized by MUS.E.

At 11.00a.m it will start with Living Sculptures, for families and children 6/10 years. The participants will take part in a game in which the work and the public exchange parts, as in the Living Sculptures by Piero Manzoni, with which the artist has subverted every tradition and every convention on the reading of the artwork. Children will be led to the discovery of the exhibition SOLO. Piero Manzoni and then they will have fun working on Manzoni’s work with his materials and techniques, to become themselves creators and spectators of an artistic process that is played on the edge of paradox.

At 12.30p.m Time Machine, for families with children 8/12 years, will allow you to make a “journey through time” that starts from today’s world to get to the early years of the twentieth century investigating languages, techniques and principles of the arts. The children will be involved in a meeting with the great artists of the century – including Lucio Fontana, Giorgio De Chirico, Fortunato Depero. Discovering the many artistic forms of the 20th century, between tradition and innovation, ancient and modern, abstract and concrete. 

The afternoon will be inaugurated by the guided tour L’artista e il suo mondo.

At 3p.m the Artistic Director of the Museo Novecento Sergio Risaliti will lead visitors to the discovery of the collection Alberto Della Ragione, in a journey that will allow you to explore the choices of the collector and to dwell on some key themes of Italian art of the first half of the twentieth century.

At 4p.m the halls of the museum, between the first and second floors, will be animated by young students of the theater workshop The Room of the Actor directed by Giovanni Micoli grappling with Le parole degli artisti, a choral reading with which texts by artists will be proposed to the public, between thoughts, letters and poems, in a path inside the exhibitions and the permanent collection. Extracts of Arturo Martini, Giorgio Morandi, Fortunato Depero, Giulio Paolini, Filippo De Pisis, Carlo Carrà, Piero Manzoni will be read. The reading will allow the public to observe the works of art listening to the voice of the young actors the reflections related to the birth of the work itself.

At 7p.m will be the turn of Apologia della creatività, sound/olfactory work that wants to give voice to the industrious creativity of Florentine artists and artisans, through some Moments Music and Dance created by Marina Calamai that arise from the use of the sounds of tools and machinery recorded in the workshops of artisans. An olfactory note will help bring back in time participants to discover the various scents of the shops that will accompany the sounds. The performance, divided into two parts, also includes the dance reproduction of these realities, thanks to the performance of the dancers of the Opus Ballet Company directed by Rosanna Broccanello, that will evoke the atmosphere and gestures of the workshops in the choreography of Aurelie Mounier.

Alle ore 12.00 sarà presentato il video Sentences nella Sala cinema e conferenze del museo. Un’opera collettiva realizzata da giovani artisti dell’Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze – Leonardo Bastiani, Matteo Coluccia, Silvia Cogotzi, Silvia Coppola, Davide D’Amelio, Valentina De Florio, Dalila Doro, Stefano Giuri, Jessica Guerzoni, Lori Lako, Francesca Lo Russo, Davood Madadpoor, Michela Massei, Leonardo Meoni, Antoliana Palmisano, Luca Puri, Giulia Spugnoli, Zoya Shokooi – che si sono lasciati ispirare dalle opere della Collezione Alberto Della Ragione.At 12p.m the video Sentences will be presented in the cinema and conference room of the museum. A collective work realized by young artists of the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence – Leonardo Bastiani, Matteo Coluccia, Silvia Cogotzi, Silvia Coppola, Davide D’Amelio, Valentina De Florio, Dalila Doro, Stefano Giuri, Jessica Guerzoni, Lori Lako, Francesca Lo Russo, Davood Madadpoor, Michela Massei, Leonardo Meoni, Antoliana Palmisano, Luca Puri, Giulia Spugnoli, Zoya Shokooi – who were inspired by the works of the Alberto Della Ragione Collection.

The public who will visit the museum on Saturday can take the opportunity to visit for free until 23.00 (last admission at 22.00), in addition to the permanent collection Alberto Della Ragione, the monographic exhibition Solo. Piero Manzoni curated by Gaspare Luigi Marcone in collaboration with the Piero Manzoni Foundation in Milan, Il Tavolo dell’architetto dedicated to Benedetta Tagliabue, the project The Wall. Altri spazi, curated by the artist Robert Pettena and realized in collaboration with the Department of Economic Development and Tourism of the City of Florence and the Academy of Fine Arts, and also the exhibitions Artisti al Teatro realized in collaboration with the Fondazione Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Duel. Jose Dávila and Campo Aperto, focus on Luciana Majoni and Eliseo Mattiacci.

The students of the course of cultural journalism of “Fenysia – school of languages of culture” will document the event through interviews and photos, building a report that will be published on the blog by MUS.E.

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