29 Oct 2017

Gif – Gamo International Festival

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Museo Novecento

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The 38th edition of the Gamo International Festival (Gif), the contemporary music review dedicated to the most innovative and interesting productions of the Italian and international scene, arrives at the Museo Novecento from 29 October to 10 December.

Six concerts on the bill, including new productions, world premieres and original projects, organized by the Open Music Today Group (Gamo), with the artistic direction of Giancarlo Cardini and Francesco Gesualdi (www.gamo.it).
A leading role in this edition will be entrusted to the voice as a real musical instrument, a central element of the festival since the presence, within the GAMO, of the recently deceased Florentine soprano Liliana Poli.

Sunday 29 October H11.00 am

TRIO Van Der Poel / Beneventi / Fischer

With Truike van der Poel, mezzo-soprano; Simone Benvenuti, percussion; Andreas Fischer, bass

New production for Italian tour. The inauguration of the festival will be entrusted to Voice_Drums_Noise, the new project of the percussionist Simone Beneventi, a talent in great demand today by ensembles specialized in new music from all over Europe. Welcome gathered around him two of the voices of the famous Neue Vocalsolisten of Stuttgart, Truike van der Poel and Andreas Fischer, and conceived a musical program characterized by strong gestural and theatrical components, which gathers a showcase of young composers. Among the names Jennifer Walshe and Erik Oña, who are heard for the first time in Italy, as well as Vittorio Montalti, Riccardo Nova, Younghi Pagh-Paan, Matthias Kaul and Filippo Perocco, and a precious first performance of the piece Moira for mezzo soprano , bass and violoncassa by Lucio Garau.


Filippo Perocco, Six small songs (2017), for mezzo-soprano, bass and percussion
Erik Oña, Abacus (2005), for soprano and percussion
Georgy Dorokhov, Manifesto (2009), for three foams with bows
Lucio Garau, Moira (2015-2017), for mezzo-soprano, bass and violoncassa, world premiere
Vittorio Montalti, All around (2017), for mezzo-soprano, bass and percussion
Matthias Kaul, Seaside Stories (2016), for mezzo-soprano, bass and percussion
Jennifer Walshe, Suite from A Folk song, collection for three singers (2011-16)

Sunday 5 November H11.00 am

Duccio Beverini, piano

The second appointment will be with a tribute to Karlheinz Stockhausen, on the ten-year anniversary of his death. For the occasion, the Tuscan pianist Duccio Beverini, an artist based in Germany where he plays an important and intense concert activity, will perform in the complete cycle of the Natürliche Dauern (Durate Naturali): 24 pieces composed between 2005 and 2006 by the master of music contemporary, for an event concert lasting 140 minutes and an impressive artist performance.


Karlheinz Stockhausen
Natürliche Dauern 1-24 / Natural Duration 1-24
3rd hour from Klang, The 24 Hours of the Day

Sunday 26 November H9.00 pm

Works for Ensemble
GAMO Ensemble

With Sara Minelli, flute; Marco Ortolani, clarinet; Marco Facchini, violin; Fanny Ravier, violin; Camilla Insom, viola; Giorgio Marino, cello; Antonino Siringo, piano; Iacopo Rossi, percussion; Mario Marzi, baritone sax; Francesco Gesualdi, director

The concert of the GAMOEnsemble, formation in residence at the Gif Festival directed by Francesco Gesualdi, will bring to the stage Works for Ensemble, a selection of music signed by important Italian authors. Little gem on the program will be the world premiere of the concertante version of E lirica sombra for baritone saxophone by the composer Alessandro Solbiati, with the participation of the famous saxophonist Mario Marzi, to whom the piece is dedicated. Twenty-seven (Cobalt blue) by Matteo Giuliani will also be premiered; to complete the program Architectures of song and silence by Federico Gardella.


Alessandro Solbiati, mi lirica sombra, version for baritone sax and ensemble (1993 – 2015) – world premiere performance
Federico Gardella, architecture of song and silence (2013), for ensemble
Matteo Giuliani, twenty-seven (Cobalt blu) (2017), for ensemble – world premiere

Monday 27 November H9.00 pm

The Counterpoint Project: Sound-Light Constructs
AJO Ensemble
With Diego Minciacchi, composer; James Clapperton, composer & piano AJO; Mariano Bàino, poet; Cecilia Bello Miciacchi, narrator; Elisabeth Kristensen Eide, flute, AJO; Kristin Alsos Strand, cello, AJO; Jennifer Torrence, percussion, AJO

Project for reciting voice and four instruments born from the collaboration between the Florentine composer Diego Minciacchi and the Norwegian musician James Clapperton, interpreted by the Norwegian AJO Ensemble. Sound-Light Constructs tells of extremes: the misty darkness and the midnight sun, the beauty and brutality of nature and the fine line between loneliness and isolation. From the neurological investigation to the fragments of the diary of Arctic prisoners of the concentration camps, Sound-Light Constructs is a performance that illustrates life in the North in a completely original way. An Italy-Norway initiative carried out in collaboration with AJO, with the support of Arts Council Norway and Det Norske Komponistfond, and the participation of Sesto Fiorentino Music School, as part of the second edition of the New GAMO Cycle of Concerts, entitled “Open group Musica Oggi. New series of SIAE Classici di Oggi concerts “- supported by SIAE – which will continue and end in spring 2018.

Sunday 3 December H11.00 am

Dusan Bogdanovic in Florence
Dusan Bogdanovic, guitar
With the special collaboration of the DUO MUSIZIEREN: Alice Gabbani, cello and Silvia Tosi, guitar

Fifth appointment with Dusan Bogdanovic, guitarist and composer of Serbian origins known throughout the world for his extraordinary versatility of execution and the vastness of musical experimentation, including classical, jazz and ethnic. Bogdanovic will be the protagonist of a matinee completely dedicated to his compositions, from Quatre piéces intimes to Levantine Suite, up to Rainforest Canticles and Preludes printanières et preludes d’été, with the extraordinary participation of the Duo Musizieren, a formation composed by Alice Gabbiani on the cello and Silvia Tosi on guitar.


Dušan Bogdanović
Quatre piéces intimes, Prière, Mouvement,La Harpe de David, Chant
Dušan Bogdanović
Levantine Suite, 3 African Sketches, «Marijo» Ricercar
Dušan Bogdanović
Rainforest Canticles, Morning, Forest Goblins , Coquits, In the Fog, Dance of the Forest, Moon over Ohias
Dušan Bogdanović
Preludes printanières et preludes d’éte

Sunday 10 December H11.00 am

Ophelia Suite

For soprano, voice of actor off stage and ensemble
Artistic conception, transcriptions and original music by Stefano Pierini
With Ljuba Bergamelli, vocals; Marco Ortolani, clarinet; Nicola Tommasini, accordion; Camilla Insom, viola; Giorgio Marino, cello; Alberto Lo gatto, double bass; Francesco Gesualdi, director
New GAMO production with the support of SIAE – OGGi SIAE Classici project

At the end of the review, the world premiere of Ophelia Suite, the new production by GAMO and performed by the GAMOEnsemble on original music by Stefano Pierini. At the center will be two voices: the reciting one of the actor Eugenio Allegri, digitally recorded and processed, and the one in the presence of the soprano Ljuba Bergamelli, both engaged in a tribute to Shakespeare’s Ophelia, the anti-heroine, the universal victim of power, of the patriarchal and male chauvinist society, of the ambition of others; the woman reflected in the eyes of the men who surround her and suffocate her. Songs taken from Shakespeare, Kierkegaard, Rilke, De Nerval and Sylvia Plath, read by Allegri’s voice, will alternate with a mad song interpreted by Bergamelli. The concert is part of the SIAE Classici di Oggi project – 2017 edition.

The GAMO association, currently directed by Francesco Gesualdi and Giancarlo Cardini, is dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary music. Founded in Florence in 1980, it establishes artistic partnerships with the most important authors of the second half of the twentieth century, continuing in the uninterrupted path of contemporary musical research. Among the guests of past seasons, the Japanese maestro Hosokawa, the Spanish composer Luis De Pablo, the German Helmut Lachenmann. Illustrious composers such as Petrassi, Donatoni, Bussotti, Cage, Sciarrino have dedicated some of their compositions to GAMO.

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