5 Dec 2022

Florence 20182022

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5December 2022



Free admission subject to avalaibility


Dario Nardella

Mayor of Florence

Sergio Risaliti

Artistic Director Museo Novecento

Gabriele Ametrano

Director of Festival La città dei lettori

Michelangelo Giombini

Head of Product Development and CEO of Manifattura Tabacchi

Silvia Lucchesi

Director of Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival

Arabella Natalini

Director of Museo degli Innocenti

On Monday 5 December, at 18:00, as part of the talk FLORENCE 20182022. A contemporary city, the Museo Novecento presents the volume dedicated to the last four years of its activity, inviting all those who have contributed to its growth to participate and retrace the salient stages of a journey of challenges and objectives that are still open.

During the meeting, the Mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella and the director of the Museo Novecento, Sergio Risaliti, will intervene, together with the speakers: Gabriele Ametrano, director of the Festival La città dei letti; Michelangelo Giombini, Head of Product Development and CEO of Manifattura Tabacchi; Silvia Lucchesi, Director of the Screen of the Art Film Festival; Arabella Natalini, Director of the Museo degli Innocenti. The talk will be moderated by the editor-in-chief of TGR Toscana, Cristina Di Domenico.

The debate will be an opportunity to reflect on contemporary Florence and on the many active realities in the area, which carry on an updated discourse on the art and visual culture of our time. Thanks to the testimony of the spokespersons of some of these realities, the salient stages of recent years will be retraced, including the presence of important artists in the city, the growth of festivals, the birth of new places of production of the contemporary, the organization of international exhibitions and events. An opportunity to explore the relationship between historical heritage and contemporary artistic production in a city like Florence, always aimed at combining conservation and innovation; an opportunity to reflect on the relationship between the suburbs and the historic center, between large tourist flows and the local public, with a projection on the future of the city.

In this sense, the book that recounts the four years of exhibitions, events and activities conceived, curated and created by the Museo Novecento to bring Florence to the center of the contemporary debate will also be presented. A museum born out of the need to give the Renaissance city a place to keep and enhance a large collection of Italian art from the short century. A production center thanks to which you can keep constantly updated on international artistic research and get passionate about the most experimental contemporary languages.