17 May 2022

Gentile Italy Festival – 2° edition

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Museo Novecento

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Father Bernardo Gianni

Abbot of San Miniato al monte

Pietro Ferrucci

Psychotherapist and philosopher

Sergio Risaliti

Silvia Guetta

Associate Professor in General and Social Pedagogy

Anna Maria Palma

Professional counselor

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Kindness in art and culture, in the relationship with the environment, in the education of the younger generations, in health, in the business world. A 360-degree journey with over 40 initiatives for 7 days, spread throughout the 5 districts of Florence. The second edition of the Gentile Italy Festival will start on May 17, until May 23, after last year’s debut which saw the Tuscan capital become part of the network of gentile municipalities promoted by the Italian Gentile Movement.

The event presents guests of the caliber of Daniel Lumera, bestselling author, creator of the My Life Design® method, the conscious design of one’s personal, professional, social life, founder of the My Life Design Onlus Association and of the Gentile Italia Movement, Immaculata De Vivo , professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and of Epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health, one of the leading experts in the world in the field of molecular epidemiology, cancer genetics and in the study of telomeres, Guidalberto Bormolini, president of the ODV TuttoèVita ETS , Sebastiano Somma and Cristiana Capotondi, actors (Friday 20 at 9pm, Cloister of Santa Maria Novella), Donatella Bianchi, journalist and president of WWF Italy (Saturday 21 at 10.30, Salone dei Cinquecento), Enzo Bianchi, essayist monk (Saturday 21 at 12, Salone dei Cinquecento), Guido Stratta, People and Organization director of the Enel Group (Saturday 21st at 3pm), Lorenzo Baglioni, singer-songwriter (Saturday 21st at 6.3pm 0), S. E. card. Matteo Zuppi, Metropolitan Archbishop of Bologna (Sunday 22 at 17, Salone dei Cinquecento) Franco Arminio, poet and performer (Monday 23 at 18, Villa Aurora), and then experts, psychologists, architects, philosophers, writers, scholars, and many others surprises.

Fulcrum of the event, organized by the Municipality of Florence and MUS.E, together with the My Life Design ONLUS Association within the Italian Gentile Movement and the TuttoèVita ETS ODV, will be Palazzo Vecchio, which will host on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May thematic round tables on Kindness, dedicated to the environment, sustainability, economy, leadership, care of people, active citizenship, politics, music and entertainment. Then on Friday 20 May at the Cloister of Santa Maria Novella a focus on the theme of meditation between science and spirituality, followed by an anthological reading of kind words by famous actors. Many initiatives and off events will animate, then, throughout the week locations located in the five districts, from Museo Novecento to Villa Bardini, BiblioteCaNova, Cloister of Santa Maria Novella, le Murate, while the inaugural evening of May 17, with the award ceremony of the videocontest “The kindness in 60 ””, will take place at the Teatro Cinema La Compagnia.

The program of this second edition is therefore rich and articulated, to involve citizens and visitors.

It begins on Tuesday 17 May with “Art, peace, beauty and kindness“, at 4 pm at the Museo Novecento, with Father Bernardo Gianni, abbot of San Miniato al Monte, Piero Ferrucci, psychotherapist and philosopher, Sergio Risaliti, director of the Museo Novecento, Silvia Guetta, associate professor in General and Social Pedagogy at the University of Florence, to moderate Anna Maria Palma, professional counselor, ambassador of the national project Costruiamo Gentilezza.

The opening night of the Festival will therefore take place at the Teatro Cinema La Compagnia from 8.30 pm with the award ceremony of the video contest “Kindness in 60 ″: a simple gesture to change the world”, aimed at young people from high schools, by a idea by Matteo Cichero and Silvia Groppa, with the contribution of Lorenzo Baglioni; followed by the screening of the film “The Twilight Hour” by Braden King (USA, 2020, 155 ‘), and speeches by Alessia Bettini, Deputy Mayor of Florence Sara Funaro, Councilor for Education and Welfare of the Municipality of Florence, Agnese Pini, director La Nazione, Antonio Mazzeo, president of the Regional Council of Tuscany, Cristina Giachi, president of the Culture and Education Commission of the Regional Council of Tuscany, event in collaboration with the Regional Council of Tuscany and the patronage of the Municipality of Florence and the Tuscany Region. A “green” gift for the speakers: marine algae by Noponlyplants. From the morning in piazza dell’Isolotto the “Angels of Beauty” of the “Montagnola Gramsci” State Comprehensive Institute in action who will donate flowers created with recycled materials.

Wednesday 18 May at Villa Bardini an evening organized in collaboration with the cultural association La Nottola di Minerva as part of the Identities review. Reading the contemporary. At 7 pm, presentation of “Ecology interior”, the new book by Daniel Lumera and Immaculata De Vivo, with Federico Gasperini, director of Legambiente Toscana, moderated by Maria Cristina Carratù, a journalist for Repubblica, readings by the actress Federica Miniati. Following at 8.30 pm “Earth and kindness”, round table on the relationship between man and the earth, with Carlo Triarico, president of Apab, Alberto Fatticcioni, beekeeper ARPAT, Andrea Battiata, agronomist, creator of the Bioactive Garden method and Rita Brugnara of Good Land. Before the meetings, in the afternoon at 4.30 pm in Piazza San Jacopino, the inauguration of the exhibition of the works on the theme of kindness by the students of the Rossini primary school.

Thursday 19 May is dedicated to off events in the various districts with moments of reading for children and teenagers, book presentations, activities in schools, meetings organized by neighborhood associations, such as street art in via degli Arcipressi together with the Cor association et Amor, roses for the Casa del Bello for Florence thanks to the collaboration with Rose Barni. At 4.30 pm presentation of the book “The girls of Barbiana. The school for women of don Lorenzo Milani “by Sandra Passerotti at the Zeffirelli Foundation with Costanza Fenyes, president of the culture commission Q1, at 5 pm at the BiblioteCaNova experiential conference with the councilors for Kindness and Culture of the municipality of Calenzano, Irene Padovani and Laura Maggi, Anna Maria Palma, Lorenzo Canuti, professional counselor, Mirko Dormentoni, Q4.

On Friday 20 May there will be a special olfactory itinerary at 3 pm in the Cloister of Santa Maria Novella by the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, followed by other off events in the city: at 5 pm presentation of the book “Don Lorenzo Milani. Biography for Images “, with the author Stefano Zecchi and the moderation of Luca Milani, president of the City Council of Florence, at the BiblioteCaNova, while at the Murate lecture by the theologian Anita Tosi” Woman and kindness: the Elector Palatina “. At 5 pm in the Cloister of Santa Maria Novella, “Faith and beauty”, interreligious dialogue between the representatives of the Florentine communities, by the councilor for relations with religious denominations Alessandro Martini. At 7 pm, also in the Cloister, round table on Meditation with Daniel Lumera, Guidalberto Bormolini, Filippo Scianna, president of the Italian Buddhist Union, moderated by Michaela Bellisario, journalist of iO Donna. Follows at 21 “Kind words: dialogue between Cristiana Capotondi and Sebastiano Somma”, conversation and reading of readings inspired by kindness with the two actors.

Saturday 21 May during the morning an off event widespread in the neighborhoods for the “Day of the Tabernacle” organized by the “Friends of the Florentine Museums” association.

From 10.30 the Festival comes alive in the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio. It starts with “The ecological mind: a journey with science in the internal and external environment”, with Donatella Bianchi, WWF president and TV presenter, Immaculata De Vivo, Daniel Lumera, Giada Caudullo, vice president and didactic-scientific director of Solgar Italia Multinutrient, Massimiliano Ossini, TV presenter, moderated by Paola Emilia Cicerone, science journalist. At 12 “GDP, well-being and happiness: pills for a sustainable country”, dialogue between Maurizio Pallante, writer and science writer, and Enzo Bianchi, essayist monk, moderated by Domenico Mugnaini, director of Toscana Oggi. At 3 pm “Gentle economy: how gentle leadership outlines a new way of doing business”, three round tables on the relationship between kindness and business, with CEOs, HR directors, consultants and experts in the sector; Guido Stratta, People & Organization Director of the Enel Group and Daniel Lumera are called to moderate speeches by Enrico Bertolino, actor and trainer, Massimo Bruno, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group, Paolo Salvadeo, General Manager of El.En, Rossella Bartolozzi, Chief Financial Officer Probios, Ramona Frigoli, CEO & Founder Moma Gioielli, Rossella Gangi, Director of Human Resources Wind Tre, Luca Solari, university professor on Human Resources, Luciana Delle Donne, founder Made in Carcere, Livio Gigliuto, sociologist, vice president of Istituto Piepoli, Gianni Spulcioni, management consultant in the field of human resources. At the opening of the round tables, the test “Towards a gentle leadership”, developed by Giunti Psychometrics, will be presented as a preview for the Festival. ” impact that the value of kindness has on working well-being in the corporate context, but also in many other contexts, such as social, institutional, health and education.
Finally, at 6.30 pm “The kind communication of Lorenzo Baglioni”, dialogue between the artist and the journalist Eva Edili of Lady Radio. In Piazza Isolotto, “Everyone for dinner together” as part of Quartiere in Festa, in support of the solidarity network of district 4 – info and inscriptions on the page of district 4.

Sunday 22 May, again from the Salone dei Cinquecento, from 9.30 three meetings on the declinations of Kindness, with Renato Palma, psychotherapist, Franco Cracolici, acupuncturist, Massimo Mori, Tai Chi master doctor. At 11 a round table on “The Gentle Society” with five stories of kindness from the community, which will be honored with works by the artist and designer Marina Calamai. At 3 pm meeting dedicated to the value of kindness in the world of information: among the guests Ennio Battista, editorial coordinator Vita & Salute and scientific journalist for ilfattoquotidiano.it, Nicholas Bawtree, director of Terra Nuova, Cristina Di Domenico, editor-in-chief of TGR Rai Toscana, Adriana Marmiroli, La Stampa journalist, Severino Saccardi, Testimonials director, Silvia Arosio, journalist. At 5 pm “A kind policy at the service of the weakest and the excluded”, panel inspired by the figure of David Sassoli with speeches by Silvia Costa, journalist, extraordinary government commissioner for the recovery of the former prison of Santo Stefano in Ventotene, Umberto Curi , Emeritus Professor of History of Philosophy at the University of Padua, S. E. card. Matteo Zuppi, Metropolitan Archbishop of Bologna, Guidalberto Bormolini, coordinates Micaela Palmieri of Tg1. At 6.30 pm final in music with the La Nuova Pippolese plectrum orchestra.
From 6 pm to 7.30 pm on Saturday and Sunday artistic work with viewers in Piazza Signoria in collaboration with Gold Enterprise S.r.l.

Monday 23 May at the Adventist Theological Campus of Villa Aurora an appointment at 3 pm for a round table on the value of kindness in the hospital and health context, coordinated by Alberto Zanobini, general director of the Meyer Pediatric Hospital, with speeches by Manuela Trinci, child and adolescent psychotherapist , Andrea Parigi, architect, Manila Bonciani, sociologist and researcher Management and Health Laboratory Sant’Anna Pisa School of Advanced Studies, Isabella Mandelli, manager and eco-social artist, Gabriele Simonini, scientific coordinator of the Master “Kindness in the relationship of care”. At 6 pm, always in the same location, the event will end with Franco Arminio, poet, performer, contemporary singer and landscape scientist.

The Gentile Italy Festival – II edition is organized by the Municipality of Florence and MUS.E, together with the My Life Design ONLUS Association within the Italian Gentile Movement and the TuttoèVita ETS ODV, with the patronage of the Tuscany Region and with the contribution of the CR Firenze Foundation. Thanks to the sponsors of Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, Enel, Deka, Techniconsult Group, Probios. Thanks also to Solgar Italia Multinutrient S.p.A., APAB and the Italian Buddhist Union.