15 Apr 2016

Kids’ Festival April 15 | 17 2016

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10:30 – 18:00

Museo Novecento

Third edition

The Festival of Children. Nuovi Mondi is an event dedicated to children, their world, their creativity and their imagination: an opportunity for growth through an experiential path of sharing, involvement and exchange of values and knowledge. 3 days of events with free admission that transform squares and palaces of the historic center in places of meeting, play, fun and learning. Below the calendar of activities at the Museo Novecento.


An artistic workshop to know the secrets of the engraving technique: in the cloister of the museum it will be possible to familiarize yourself with the puntasecca, one of the most ancient artistic practices engraving, trying out the different stages of execution, from the drawing on the plate to the writing of the ink up to the printing.

For whom: families with kids aged 8/12
When: Sunday, April 17 at 10.30a.m/1.30p.m and at 3p.m/6p.m

An excursion to the Museum

What if the cloister of the Museo Novecento turned, for a moment, into a country meadow? Certainly on the pasture we would find authorial cows, which the great artists of the twentieth century have reinterpreted in a personal key and that children, reversing the usual act of artistic creation, can try their hand at “erasing”, brushstroke after brushstroke. An unpublished workshop to reflect on the infinite forms of representation of the reality that the twentieth century gave life.

For whom: families with children aged 4/10
When: Saturday, April 16 at 10.30a.m/1.30p.m and 3.00p.m/6.00p.m

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