15 Nov 2016

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Museo Novecento

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In collaboration with ISRT

As part of the Ninth Cycle Fascism, Wars, Anti-Fascism, The Historical Institute of the Resistance and the Museo Novecento present three meetings dedicated to the clash between fascism and anti-fascism in the context of Europe in the thirties. The wars of the regime, the epochal conflict of the 1940s are not only pages from the past to be remembered on the occasion of more or less significant anniversaries, but essential passages of our history. The conferences will be an opportunity to reflect on the roots of our present, discussing with qualified historians and scholars and experts of the most recent historiography.


November 15, 2016, at 5.00pm:

Enrico Acciai, Antifascism, volunteering and civil war in Spain. The Italian section of the column Ascaso, Unicopli, 2016. Speakers: G. Santomassimo (University of Florence), S. Neri Serneri (University of Siena – President of ISRT), C. Spagnolo (University of Bari).

22 November 2016, 5.00pm:

 Nicola Labanca, La guerra d’Etiopia 1935-1941, il Mulino, 2015. Speakers: B. Bagnato (University of Florence), P. Dogliani (University of Bologna), F. Focardi (University of Padua)

29 November 2016, 5.00pm:

A historiographical assessment of the Seventieth of the Resistance, starting with the publications promoted by the Institute for the History of the Liberation Movement in Italy: 1943. Strategie militari, collaborazionismi, Resistenze, edited by M. Fioravanzo e C. Fumian, Viella, 2015; 1943. Mediterraneo e Mezzogiorno d’Italia, edited by F. Soverina, Viella, 2015; 1943. Guerra e società, edited by L. Alessandrini and M. Pasetti, Viella, 2015; 1944-1945. Italy in the European Thirty Years’ War, edited by S. Neri Serneri, Viella, 2016. Speakers: B. Berruti (Deputy Director of the Piedmontese Institute for the History of the Resistance and Contemporary Society “Giorgio Agosti”), G. D’Agostino (President of the Istituto Campano per la Storia della Resistenza), A. De Bernardi (University of Bologna – Vice-President of the National Institute for the History of the Liberation Movement in Italy), S. Neri Serneri (University of Siena – President of ISRT). Moderated by Carlo Pestelli (journalist).

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