6 Nov 2022

Metropolitan Sunday: 6 November 2022

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Where and when

6November 2022


11:00 – 18:00

Free admission subject to availability

Sunday, November 6, the Metropolitan Sunday returns, a day in which all residents of the Metropolitan City of Florence will be able to visit the city museums for free and take part in the numerous scheduled visits and activities, developed thanks to the support of GIOTTO, a love brand of F.I.L.A. Italian Lapis and Affini Factory, and of Lucart.

Some special events will invite you to approach the great exhibition Tony Cragg. Transfer, which includes wonderful sculptures and drawings by the artist and is in progress at the Museo Novecento, and at the exhibition Passione Novecento from Paul Klee to Damien Hirst. Works from the private collections of Palazzo Medici Riccardi, a real journey into the twentieth century thanks to the masterpieces of its protagonists that are part of private Florentine and Tuscan collections.


Open Works

for whom: for young people and adults
times: 15.00
duration: 1h15 ‘

During the visit the dialogue with the works and with the visitors will be conducted by a group of migrants adhering to the AMIR project, young people from various countries who have studied the art of our time and of our peninsula by relating it to their own history, their origins, their homeland. The visit will therefore allow you to get closer to some of the works exhibited through the eyes of those who have come to Florence as a “new citizen”: visitors will then be guided by voices belonging to different cultures and invited to observe forms, codes, meanings of Italian art of our time and understanding how the work of art is truly “open” and “the active center of a network of inexhaustible relationships”. (U. Eco)
The visit is proposed as part of the AMIR / Hospitality Museums Inclusion Relationship project, curated by the Municipality of Fiesole, the Municipality of Florence – MUS.E, Istituto degli Innocenti, Primo Conti Foundation, Utopia Station, thanks to the support of the CR Firenze Foundation.

Visit to the exhibition Tony Cragg. Transfer

for whom: for young people and adults
times: 16.30
duration: 1h15 ‘

The visit allows you to get closer to the work of the great sculptor Tony Cragg by deepening the history and analysis of some of the works on display. The outline of the extensive and profound research developed by the artist over the decades, aimed at exploring the multiple potentialities of the sculptural language and materials, will be outlined. All of Cragg’s work can in fact be seen as an ode to the infinite possibilities of “form” – whose inspiring muse is nature, which embraces both the microscopic and the infinite – from time to time generated thanks to a careful planning and a wise use of the material.


Eye on the XX Century

for whom: for families with children aged 7 to 12 years
times: 10.00
duration: 1h15 ‘

Each artist tells his time and his world through the lenses of sensitivity and technique, inextricably linked: thanks to a special animated visit, intertwined with a “treasure hunt” aimed at identifying and identifying the details of the works on display, we will discover how to recognize the artists and their style, from the unmistakable brushstrokes of Renato Guttuso to the sunny surfaces of Giorgio De Chirico, from the typographic screens of Roy Lichtenstein to the cracking of the material by Alberto Burri.

Visit to the exhibition Passione Novecento. Da Paul Klee a Damien Hirst. Opere da collezioni private

for whom: for young people and adults
times: 16.30
duration: 1h15 ‘

The visit offers an ideal itinerary in the art of the twentieth century, thanks to a range of extremely significant masterpieces by the greatest artists of the century: from Klee to Mirò, from Warhol to Basquiat, from Hirst to Emin without forgetting the very Italian De Chirico, Rosai, Guttuso, Burri or Rotella, the participants will be able to grasp the peculiarities of their poetics and their work, appreciating particularly representative results, embracing in a single glance testimonies of the languages ​​of painting, sculpture and photography. Particular emphasis will be placed on the values ​​of collecting and patronage, closely related to the history of these works and, more generally, to the development of art history over the centuries.