5 Apr 2022

“Within the biennial of the new millennium. Looks and reflections around the system” by Mauro Pratesi

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5April 2022



Museo Novecento


Mauro Pratesi

Author, Art Historian and Professor of Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts

Sergio Risaliti

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A few days after the inauguration of the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, Mauro Pratesi, art historian and professor of Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, introduces us to the system of the famous lagoon event through a meeting mediated by the Director of the Novecento Museum, Sergio Risaliti.
On Tuesday 5 April at 18:00 in the Cinema Room of the Museo Novecento, the volume will be presented Within the Biennial of the new Millennium. Looks and reflections around the system, published by Pisa University Press.

Mauro Pratesi’s writings on the Venice Biennale, which are now being republished, constitute an important reference for understanding, from a strictly personal point of view and outside the directives of the dominant taste, the first twenty years of the third millennium, through an unconventional perspective. . These reviews highlight an analysis from the point of view of taste, of the method around the system and the choices of curators and opinion leaders who are always informed about the artistic environment. The author recounts the changes in the Biennale system, the reversal of positions between gallery owner and artist, the complex relationships that govern the world of art.

The encouragement to republish these writings came to the author from the reading of that libretto, which Longhi would have defined “hunchback”, by Luigi Bartolini, The failure of painting (Lettere dalla Biennale), (Società Tipolitografica Editrice, Ascoli Piceno 1948 ), and last but not least the collection of contributions by Gillo Dorfles, sent to the Venice Biennale 1949-2009 (Scheiwiller, Milan 2010).

Mauro Pratesi

Since 1992 he has held the Chair of Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, he has taught History of Contemporary Art from 1995 to 2011 at the Faculty of Arts and Architecture of the University of Florence. He has published essays and contributions relating to artists and themes in the nineteenth-twentieth century in the most important scientific journals of the Italian panorama, such as, “Bollettino d’Arte”, “Paragone”, “Prospettiva”, “Research in the history of art”, “Dialoghi di Storia dell’Arte”, “Antichità Viva”, “l’Artista” and others, has also published books for the Laterza editions, in collaboration with Enrico Crispolti, with Marsilio, in collaboration with Giovanna Uzzani, and also essays for the Mondadori, Electa, Skira, Silvana, Giunti, Olschki, Polistampa editions. He has curated important exhibitions at the Uffizi Gallery (Department of Prints and Drawings) and the Modern Art Gallery of Palazzo Pitti in Florence and in other important public and private exhibition venues

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