21 Nov 2016

Corrado Formigli, the false enemy. Why don’t we defeat the black caliphate

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21November 2016



Museo Novecento

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The author in conversation with Caterina Soffici. The meeting will also be attended by Imam Izzedin Elzir

A report from the hottest areas of the world, face to face with madness and pain, but also the attempt to understand what is hidden behind the bloody game of mirrors that we call the black caliphate.

The black wave is spreading, forever changing the face of the world and our habits. It spreads like a cancer, it creeps into our lives. But who’s spreading the infection? How was it possible that a few thousand jihadists invented out of nothing a state as large as the United Kingdom and are able to organize massacres in every corner of the planet?

This book tells how incredible complicity and how much Western wisdom are hidden under the mask of the new terrorists.

Corrado Formigli, television journalist, leads Piazzapulita on La7. He was the first Italian journalist to enter Kobane during the siege of the Islamic State. In the last twenty years he has been reporting the main national and international events for Rai, Mediaset, skytg24 and La7. For his reports on the Islamist massacres in Algeria and apartheid in South Africa he won the Ilaria Alpi award twice. He has published Impresa impossibile (2014).

Caterina Soffici, Florentine, graduated in Political Science, professional journalist, worked for newspapers, radio and TV. She lives in London and is the author, among other things, of the bestseller “Ma le donne no” (Feltrinelli) on the condition of women in Italy. Last book “Italia Yes, Italia No”, about Italians in London. He is a London correspondent for Il Fatto Quotidiano and writes on culture and humanity for various weeklies, including Vanity Fair and Il Venerdì.

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