25 Nov 2020

Claire Fontaine x Museo Novecento | 25th November 2020 – International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

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25November 2020

Museo Novecento

Free admission


Fulvia Carnevale (Claire Fontaine)

Visual Artist

Paola Ugolini

Indipendent curator

On November 25, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Museo Novecento takes to the field in active fight against gender discrimination, through a talk with the collective artist Claire Fontaine that will see Fulvia Carnevale dialogue with the indipendent curator Paola Ugolini. To celebrate this important anniversary, the artist has proposed an image that will be spread through digital media and printing, a new way to experience the relationship between art and community.

The artwork of Claire Fontaine, artistic couple that has renounced their singularity to leave space to a collective female artist, reveals how in the figurative codes of the past, great masterpieces as Dejeneur sur l’herbe by Manet, ‘wrong’ cultural models can be nested, figurative codes which respond to desires and drives of an audience dominated by male taste and its pleasure structured on masculine and authoritarian drives and models.

Smearing that 19th-century image, so provocative at its time, with the hashtag #MeToo” explains the Artistic Director of Museo Novecento, Sergio Risaltithe artist intends to identify that movement of female liberation and condemnation of continued violences against women in every environment and at every social level”.

The first appointment with Claire Fontaine is November 25, with a talk on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, a way to root art in the sensitive space of experience and to talk about feminism which is the revolutionary and vital field with which to solve the political, social and moral crisis that is sweepening the world.

On December and January Museo Novecento will present other two projects of Claire Fontaine, the first on the occasion of the Flight Festival and the other one together with Memorial Day on January 27.

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