14 Jan 2015

Beyond Environment

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14January 2015



Museo Novecento

Wednesday 14 January at 17.30 Presentation of the book by Emanuele Piccardo and Amit Wolf, published by ACTAR. Dialogue between Lapo Binazzi, Gianni Pettena and the author Emanuele Piccardo, moderated by Valentina Gensini.

Beyond Environment is a project dedicated to the Italian architect Gianni Pettena who in the early seventies, during some travels in America, produced a series of environments, evidence of a new architectural sensitivity, in dialogue with artists such as Allan Kaprow, Robert Smithson and Gordon Matta-Clark is already developed in Italy with the other radical architects.

Beyond Environment investigates Pettena’s artistic and architectural research aimed at overcoming the very concept of environment and analyzes the experiments that took place between the sixties and seventies in Italy and America. The project is supported by the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts and Woodbury University.

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