3 Oct 2016

Actions from the victorian helium opera – First episode  

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Museo Novecento

Free admission subject to availability

Saturday 8 October, 4.30pm


Actions from the work of Elio Vittorini – First episode

Show Murmuris taken from Elio Vittorini’s Conversazione in Sicilia. Conceived and curated by Laura Croce and Francesco Migliorini. With Roberto Gioffrè, Roberta Bosetti and Massimo Conti. Video-art: Jacopo Jenna. Music selection: Luigi Attademo. Lighting design: Gabriele Termine.

What is Conversation in Sicily? A journey into this “offended world”. A return. A conversation. A path of knowledge guided by piety and reason: Beatrice and Virgil. Pity for this sorrowful, abandoned humanity, but reason inspires and forces us to seek new ways out of this hell. A look, that of a child, the look of 7 years, the look of miracles, a kite in the high light. A man then, real twice. Child and adult, who returns to those places to see each other, to recognize each other.

Here, for us, Conversation in Sicily is a video and a present that interacts with it. Two floors, one real and alive and one of memory, of dream, of memory. The meeting of the two streets does not give answers, if anything, indicates a possibility. «I began to fear, I began to remember. I didn’t have any answer. I didn’t cry for some reason. Deep down I didn’t cry, I didn’t even remember and the memory had this appearance of crying in the eyes of others. I finished smoking, I finished remembering, I stopped crying».

3, 4, 5 October, 5.00pm  
Screening of the video by Jacopo Jenna

In the days before the show, the screening of the video made by Jacopo Jenna will represent an ideal prologue to the performative event scheduled on October 8. Throughout the week it will also be possible for visitors to the museum to immerse themselves in a “Victorian path” dedicated to the relationship between Vittorini and the artists present in the collections of the Museo Novecento.  

Murmuris is a cultural reality in Florence that deals with theatrical production, training and promotion and dissemination of theatrical culture. Active since 2007, it tackles, from the artistic point of view, themes and propositions focused on the comparison between languages and the performing arts. Since 2013 Murmuris is part, together with Versiliadanza and Elsinore, of the Multiple Residence FLOW of the Teatro Cantiere Florida, built thanks to the support of the Tuscany Region.

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