7 Jul 2017


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7July 2017


19:00 – 21:00

Museo Novecento

Free admission subject to availability

Friday 7 July H7.00pm and 9.00pm (replica)

A KanterStrasse production, with the support of the Tuscany Region and the Municipality of Terranuova Bracciolini (Habitat project)

Direction and dramaturgy: Simone Martini
Lighting design: Marco Santambrogio
Sets and costumes: Eva Sgrò
With Luca Avagliano, Alessio Martinoli and Simone Martini
Drawings: Andrea Rauch
Graphics, photos: Elisa Brilli

Is it possible to tell a Shakespearean tragedy to the little ones and tackle philosophical issues such as power, law, death with them?
The KanterStrasse project aims to reaffirm the importance of dealing with high thoughts and words from an early age. Hamlet is a journey into the most famous work of the immortal English poet and playwright, a poetic and ironic rewriting of a classic, created in communion and close relationship with the imagination of the artist and illustrator Andrea Rauch who designed a original series of plates (visible in projection).

The intention is to bring the very young closer to the vision of Hamlet, to the exciting plots, to the characters, to the complex meanings, while overcoming the difficulties of length and of the elaborate language in verse through a tragicomic and light lexicon. Let’s start from the beginning, from the death of a great King, King Hamlet. His son Hamlet meets him, now a ghost, on the walls of the castle of Elsinor. The King did not die of natural causes: he was murdered! The ghost asks to be avenged but the price to pay will be very high.


It was born as a professional theater company in 2005, based in the Upper Valdarno. Since then, under the artistic direction of Simone Martini, he has produced 16 shows, directed the theatrical season of the cultural center Le Fornaci in Terranuova Bracciolini (AR), carried out transversal projects between theater and the visual arts, designed and implemented the summer festival Diffusioni dedicated to language innovation, as well as training projects for all ages. KanterStrasse co-produces and hosts numerous theater companies from all over Italy in residence. Together with the Aretina Theater Network, it is an artistic residence of the Tuscany Region (Action Line “Support and promotion of artistic and cultural residency projects aimed at spreading the culture of the live performing arts” year 2016-2018).

In the program of the Estate Fiorentina 2017.

Photo credits: Elisa Brilli

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