1 Dec 2023

Jenny Saville in Florence


Francesco Fei

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The docufilm, Jenny Saville in Florence, produced by the Museo Novecento under the direction of Francesco Fei, retraces the journey to discover the art of Jenny Saville (Cambridge, 1970), through the behind-the-scenes of the installation of the exhibition at the Museo Novecento in Florence, an exhibition project conceived and curated by Sergio Risaliti which involved some of the major museums of the city: the Palazzo Vecchio Museum, the Opera del Duomo Museum, the Innocenti Museum and the Casa Buonarroti Museum.

The exhibition, promoted by the Municipality of Florence, organized by MUS.E and supported by Gagosian, represented a unique encounter between ancient and contemporary, through a close dialogue between Jenny Saville and Michelangelo, which marked the memory of the over 200 thousand visitors who able to admire the masterpieces of the great British painter.
The film reveals unpublished details and background of one of the most ambitious exhibition projects of the last decades in the Tuscan capital. With a series of exclusive interviews with the artist and the directors of the museums involved, the film traces an extraordinary journey where Renaissance and contemporary art dialogue against the backdrop of the city of Florence.

Jenny Saville in Florence
Italia, 2022, 31’, Italian, English
direction: Francesco Fei
photography: Francesco Fei
editing: Roberto Polimeno
music: Lost ABC
sound: Federico Mannana
production: Museo Novecento Firenze