6 June 2019

From the classroom to the museum. Lessons open for everyone

The Museo Novecento is increasingly an institution of reference in the discovery and understanding of modern and contemporary art outside the spectacular logic of commercial spaces.

After having started educational cycles with schools and with people with disabilities, and after having inaugurated the Outdoor project – through which more than a thousand children and teenagers were reached in their schools and, recently, also the inmates of the Sollicciano Penitentiary Institute – the main Florentine museum institution dedicated to the twentieth century embarks on a new path of cultural and educational collaboration with the SAGAS department of the University of Florence.

From the classroom to the museum. Lessons open to all is a project that involved some students of the master’s course in the history of contemporary art of prof. Giorgio Bacci, who chose and studied some works from the Alberto Della Ragione collection throughout the year.

The open lessons for all are the first public return of a series of activities that will see students in the near future also involved in the design and implementation of exhibition events, with the aim of reconciling different methodological approaches linked to historical-artistic fruition and fruitful dialogue between the sectors of academic research, museum education and dissemination for a wide audience. The university connects with the world of work, demonstrating how it is possible to initiate fruitful interactions that make it possible to apply in reality, in the specific case of the Museo Novecento, the reflections born and deepened in the classroom.

Friday 7 June from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm twenty-one students, some of whom also followed the Wikipedia Gymnasium project organized by the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation, divided into three groups, will present the life and works of the following artists in the gallery that houses the permanent collection of the Museum: Giorgio Morandi, Mario Mafai, Fortunato Depero, Arturo Martini, Filippo de Pisis, Marino Marini, Enrico Prampolini, Renato Guttuso, Lucio Fontana, Felice Casorati e Gino Severini.
Lessons open to all will take place simultaneously every 20 minutes and will be repeated twice from 17.00 to 20.00. The public will be free to move around the museum’s permanent collection, choosing which lesson to orient to.


Introduction curated by prof. Giorgio Bacci and the Artistic Director Sergio Risaliti

5.00 pm

Giorgio Morandi
Natura morta (1938 ca.) told by Elena D’Ubaldo

Mario Mafai
Natura morta con cilindro (1940) told by Laura Cacciamani

Fortunato Depero
Nitrito in velocità (1932) told by Lorenzo Bizzarri

Arturo Martini
the artist life told by Raffaella D’Errico and Valentina Tremola
La Pisana (1933) told by Sofia Bianchi

5.20 pm

Filippo de Pisis
the artist life told by Ilaria Nerli and Silvia Zandomeneghi
Funghi con stampa di Poussin (1927) told by Carlo Martino

Marino Marini
the artist life told by Gemma Sordi and Riccardo Neri
Cavallo (1937 ca.) told by Francesca Zampini

Enrico Prampolini
the artist life told by Alex D’Alise and Roberto Rampone
Vita bioplastica (1938) told by Giada Cerbara

5.40 pm

Renato Guttuso
Natura morta col giornale (1943) told by Noemi Grilli

Lucio Fontana
Paulette (1938) told by Beatrice Fiorini

Felice Casorati
the artist life told by Corinna Simonini and Federica Bozza
Nuda (studio per Meriggio) (1922) told by Elena Farroni Gallo

Gino Severini
La finestra coi colombi (1930) told by Xu Nan

Ingresso gratuito

Un progetto di Museo Novecento e Università di Firenze, dipartimento SAGAS