4 January 2017

The education department offers to the public a rich program of exhibitions and activities to approach the Twentieth century’s arts and their protagonists. The guided visit to the museum is offered to adults, while the activities and laboratories, that change according to children’s age, are dedicated to families. A particular attention is given to schools of every grade and to publics with special needs, from a physical to a social or cognitive point of view.

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This path allows the youngest children to approach the Twentieth century’s arts with a transversal, participative and inclusive glimpse. The itinerary is focused on specifically chosen works, useful for understanding the dynamic and dialectic mood that went through the whole Twentieth century and lead to a full rethinking of the arts and their possible interactions. The installation continues with Paolo Masi, the colourful architectures of Superstudio, the painting made of gestures and colours of Emilio Vedova, and Martini’s sculptures. The Pitti’s high style fashion and the music experimentation of Grossi and Chiari will be a chance to approach arts in a multi-sensory way. In the second part of the activity children, divided into small groups, will work on the shaping of a “total artwork” in order to gather their collective experience interlacing the different artistic languages.

This path is presented as a “journey through time” that starts from today’s world until the first years of the Twentieth century, examining languages, techniques and principles of the Twentieth century’s arts: from the most recent contemporary installations to the classic scenic designs of the Maggio Musicale (Musical May), from the experimental music to the futurist paintings, from the avant-garde design to the most famous paintings, children will be involved in a discovery journey of the numerous artistic forms of the Twentieth century in an animated dialogue between tradition and innovation, ancient and modern, abstract and concrete. Knowing the great artists of the century – among them Emilio Vedova, Lucio Fontana, Bruno Munari, Giorgio De Chirico, Fortunato Depero – and their artworks will be an occasion of personal reinterpretation that will allows children to bring back home a very peculiar “collection” of their own experience

This visit allows you to trace the 20th century backwards, identifying the poets and the artists that have marked its decades, through a highly interdisciplinary vision and with a specific focus on Italy and Florence. From the 1988 Venice Biennale, considered as the first recognition for the young Florentines De Lorenzo, Guaita and Catelani, the path then presents the Seventies and the Sixties’ tensions and ideals – with great works such as the Archizzom and Adolfo Natalini’s Superarchitettura or the Emilio Vedova’s Plurimo –arriving then to the middle years of the Twentieth century, richly represented thanks to the donations of important artists and collectors, included among them Alberto Della Ragione, from whose collection masterpieces of De Chirico, Sironi, Casorati, Depero, Morandi, Martini stand out. In a tangle of painting, sculpture, music, poetry, fashion, cinema and theatre the path brings the public to the beginning of the century, livened up by the first impulses of the international avant-gardes.