15th November: guided tour with a Sign Language Interpreter

31 October 2014

The guided tour with a Sign Language Interpreter is specific for hearing-impaired persons and permits a “time travel” backwards till the beginning of the 1900. Together we will identify the movements, poetics and artists, which marked the last century, with an interdisciplinary cut and paying special attention to Italy and Florence.

Starting with the Biennale of Venice from 1988 – which was the first recognition of the young Florentines De Lorenzo, Guaita e Catelani – the itinerary shows the strained relations and ideals of the seventies and sixties embodied in big artworks such as “Superarchitettura“ of Archizoom and Adolfo Natalini and “il Plurimo” of Emilio Vedova. Afterwards we will concentrate on the central years of the 20th century represented by the donations of important artists and collectors like Alberto Della Ragione which has important artworks of De Chirico, Sironi, Casorati, Depero, Morandi and Martini in his collection.
In the plot of paintings, sculptures, music, poetics, fashion, cinema, and theatre the tour takes the audience to the beginning of the century, lived up by the first international avant-garde tendencies.

Saturday 15th November h 16.30, free entrance , reservation necessary. Maximum of participants is 25 persons.
For information and reservation: Tel. 055-2768224 055-2768558, info@muse.comune.fi.it