A new system for dance?

4 May 2015

Friday, May 8th – From 11am to 6pm

Meetings organized by Fabbrica Europa

The aim of the meeting is to identify and analyze – in the Italian system of contemporary dance – the relations between production and artistic creation, the new breed of producers and the presence of Italian dance within an international system, with a time dedicated to third edition of the NID Platform.


How to feed the dialogue between production and artistic process?

How can the creative project dictate the terms of a modality of production?

How does the role of the curator accompany artistic projects towards their evolution?

How to support the production of young companies?

Geographies with opened horizons: production and circulation

New forms of collaboration between producers and distributors.

Sharing production projects for a sustainable circulation at the international level.

What audience for dance?

The dance audience development: the role of artists, curators and their dialogue with the community.

How to propose contemporary dance to a large audience without affecting the quality and independence of creation?

Choreographers, companies, theater operators and institutional representatives will be present at the meeting.


Meeting organized in the context of the 22nd Edition of Fabbrica Europa 2015