19 July 2021

Friday, July 23 at 6 pm MUS.E presents a dialogue with several voices around the Iron Heel exhibition by the young Cortonese artist Giulia Cenci, open until 22 August in the Duel section.

With her open critique of the post-industrial past, right from the title the artist’s work refers without any possibility of misunderstanding to that visionary masterpiece of American literature that is Jack London’s Iron Heel, written at the dawn of the twentieth century. The cruelty and barbarism of industrial and capitalist society find an icastic materialization in Giulia Cenci’s site-specific works, through the brutal assembly of metallic and rusty fragments of agricultural and industrial tools. Menacing machines – just like the Lion of Monterosso, sculpture by Arturo Martini with which the artist has chosen to “duel” – but in disuse, which sanction the failure of a society, the American one at the turn of the century as well as the global one today, based on exploitation aimed solely at the achievement of profit.

“These lectures are intended to be an opportunity to explore important issues that emerged from the encounter with the works exhibited at the museum.” comments Sergio Risaliti, Director of Museo Novecento. “Works that tell us a lot about our time and the past. Works that help us to better read the world in which we live we act. Giulia Cenci is a necessary artist because she knows how to grasp the dark high of our humanity and the threatening and destructive one of progress. Our Museum does not stop to exhibit art but is committed to developing moments of reflection and deepening with an always interdisciplinary openness”.

The dystopian scenario that characterizes the exhibition is the background within which the conversation between Cinzia Schiavini, a scholar of Anglo-American literature at the University of Milan, Michele Cento, professor of Contemporary History at the University of Bologna and the artist herself Giulia Cenci; moderates the meeting Valentina Zucchi, Head of Mediation MUS.E. A multidisciplinary confrontation open to all, which intertwines art, social history and literature to investigate the concerns of modern man but also offers food for thought and perspectives for our near future.

We thank GIOTTO – love brand of F.I.L.A. for the precious support of American Express. Italian Lapis and Affini Factory, Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, Unicoop Firenze and Tenderly, brand of Lucart Spa.
For whom: young people and adults
Duration: about 1 hour
The meeting is free, reservations are required.
There is no access to the rooms of the Museum.

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