Roberto Longhi and the contemporary

13 December 2021

Roberto Longhi is the protagonist at the Museo Novecento, thanks to the meeting Roberto Longhi and the contemporary, an event organized for Wednesday, December 15 at 5.00 pm to celebrate the art historian and his interest in contemporary art.

The meeting involves the author Mauro Pratesi – art historian and professor of Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts – together with the director Sergio Risaliti, who presents the book Roberto Longhi in the heart of 20th century art, with a preface by Mina Gregori and a critical text written by Carlo Bertelli. Published by Pisa University Press, the volume comes fifty years after the death of the famous critic and traces the main stages of his professional life through the innovations introduced in the critical study of the history of art, from Caravaggio to Boccioni and Guttuso.

“I have always understood Longhi, from the very first approaches, as a sort of brilliant Pinocchio in the history of world art, creator, even, spiteful, with an inspiration and an unparalleled intuition to this day” declares Mauro Pratesi, author of the book Roberto Longhi in the heart of the art of the ’900. “Fifty years after the death of the great master of art history studies, I felt it was my duty to pay homage to him, humbly, by putting together my texts on a strictly ‘Longhian’ topic. After all, Longhi’s discovery, for me, was analogous, with the due proportions of chance and history, to what it was for Pier Paolo Pasolini, where the great intellectual had discovered in Longhi ‘the revolution’ in ‘his lexicon’ and ‘the complete novelty’ in the ‘irony’ which ‘had no precedents’ together with ‘his curiosity’ which ‘had no role models’”.

The presentation of the volume will be accompanied by interventions by: Sergio Risaliti, Director of the Novecento Museum; Cristina Acidini, Art Historian, President of the “Roberto Longhi” Foundation for Art History Studies; Maria Cristina Bandera, Art Historian and Scientific Director of the “Roberto Longhi” Foundation for the History of Art Studies; the author of the book, Mauro Pratesi, Art Historian, Author and Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.

The meeting will be completed by a reading by Sandro Lombardi, founder of the Lombardi – Tiezzi Company, who will perform readings from: Roberto Longhi, From Cimabue to Morandi.
Free admission subject to availability.