27 settembre 2016

Tuesday, September 27th, 5.00 p.m.

Faraway voices, sister voices. A century-old young poems

A part of the project of approaching modern poetry titled Perchè poeti in tempo di povertà?, with works by Guillame Apollinaire, Robert Frost, Vladimir Majakowskij, Giuseppe Ungaretti, W.B. Yeats. By Laboratorio Nuova Buonarroti.

The multi-voices reading is part of the project Perchè poeti in tempo di povertà? to approach modern poetry. Poems written in 1916, a particularly significant year for poetical production and for the historical moment, marked by the persisting of the war, unfolding its devastating power and igniting deep social changes. The aim is that of stressing, also by way of audio-visual tools, the value and current significance of such texts.

The poems will be read by high school and university students who are interested in the project of promoting the appreciation of modern poetry led since some years by the association Laboratorio Nuova Buonarroti, in collaboration with the Direction of the Civic Libraries and with many Florentine high schools. The event is the result of a preparatory path dedicated to the comprehension and diction of the texts.

The cultural association Laboratorio Nuova Buonarroti, created in 1998, aims at the promotion and spreading of culture and at innovative cultural projects. Throughout its experience it organized work groups on literary, philosophical and meditative themes focusing on the problems of the city and especially on cultural policies. It offered cycles of conferences mostly about literary and philosophical subjects (the “Incontri di Quinto Alto”); it realized congresses and literary events of international relevance (the poetry festival “Voci lontane, voci sorelle” at its fourteenth edition); it proposed formative activities educating to read poetry (since 2008, the year programs “Perchè poeti in tempo di povertà”); it organized photo exhibits and promoted editorial initiatives.

Event included in the program of Estate Fiorentina 2016.

Free event on the altana while seats last. The access does not include the entrance to the museum.