Sabato 4 marzo ore 16.30

Saturday, March 4 – 4.30pm

Visions of the South. Italy in Estonian culture of the early 20th century

Lecture by Daniele Monticelli

The 20th century begins in Estonia with a linguistic, literary and artistic renovation. During this climate of cultural fervor, Italy becomes a key point of reference for Estonian modernists’ young generation. The conference will highlight interesting and difficult aspects of the Estonian fascination for Italy through the analysis of the travel diaries of Estonian artists and writers who lived in Italy, and the activity of translating and receiving Italian literature in Estonia.

Mägi. Passacaglia baltica

Lecture by Arnaldo Colasanti

Konrad Mägi represents Estonia joining Europe by being loyal to itself. Mägi is the sign of a Mediterranean and continental Europe that needs the Baltic dreams, as in those dreams and deep blue and red images frozen by the purple crystal, the cruel abstractness and ideologies that have damaged the European country – since totalitarianism up until today – may heal. Here flows a peace that has never resigned, which lives in Mägi’s great natural visions.
Arnaldo Colasanti, writer and literary critic, is co-director of the magazine “Nuovi Argomenti”. His novel La Magnifica (Fazi editor) was published in 2017.

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