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In conjunction with the exhibition, VISIONS FROM THE NORTH. ESTONIAN PAINTING FROM ENN KUNILA’ S COLLECTION, 1910 – 1940,currently on show at Museo Novecento, the museum presents movies and short movies which explore the contemporary Estonian cinema production. All the movies in their original language have English subtitles. The project is realized in partnership with the Estonian film Institute.


Friday 7th April at 9.00 pm.
Vehkleja / The Fencer (2015)

In 1952 a young fencing champion Endel arrives in a small town Haapsalu to work as a physical training teacher. For an introvert man it is hard to get contact with the children who have been through a lot. In spite of the opposition of the principal of the school, Endel manages to get a permit to teach fencing for children. Slowly it becomes a therapy for the children as well as the teacher himself – a way to deal with everyday grim. The defeated principal is holding a grudge and starts to investigate, why did the champion of the Soviet Union really come to a small town. The Fencer is partly based on true life events of an Estonian sportsman and coach Endel Nelis (1925-1993). In 2016 the movie received the Golden Globe Nomination for Best Foreign Film.


Friday 14th April at 9.00 pm
Ristuules / In the Crosswind
A movie directed by Martti Helde

It is 3 AM on June 14, 1941. More than 40,000 Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians are deported to Siberia by the authorities of Soviet Russia. Among then is Erna, a 27-year-old student of philosophy, mother of a small daughter and happily married. Her husband is sent to a prison camp, and Erna with her daughter and other women and children are deported to the uninhabited territories of Siberia for 15 years. Despite hunger, diseases and humiliation, Erna won’t lose hope to return to her homeland one day. The film is based on true events. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.

Friday 21st April at 9.00 pm.
Kirsitubakas / Cherry Tobacco
A movie directed by Katrin and Andres Maimik

Cherry Tobacco is about a small-town girl, Laura, who is constantly bored. Her mother gets on her nerves, boys her age are stupid and everything anyone wants to do seems childish. One day Laura’s energetic friend Merit invites her on a hike to a bog led by a middle-aged nature-lover called Joosep. The beginning of the trip is anything but promising: the relation- ship between the reserved girl and the outgoing Joosep, who tries to impress the hiking party with his hillbilly style and bizarre rituals, becomes tense. But much to her own surprise, Laura discovers that as the hike continues she is enchanted by the rugged charm of Joosep. The quest is coming to its irrefutable end and Laura has to decide whether a relationship with an older man is a mere step along the winding road towards becoming a woman or whether it is her very first love.

Friday 28th April at 9.00 pm
A short movie directed by Jaan Toomik

The visuals of the first short feature movie by Jaan Toomik are definitely painterly. The expressive forced contest between bearing area and destruction, female and male, hopeful and despairingly absence is enforced through single repetitive symbolic sequences. We are told a story about a middle aged man and middle aged woman, about their relationship, desperate attempt to get pregnant by the woman and the fear of the man facing any commitment. The imagery and the cyclic nature of the movie – there is no dialogue used – takes us occasionally from the main narrative to the atmosphere of Toomik´s earlier video installations. The music, playing a crucial part in emotional tuning of the movie, is written by Rainer Jancis. Communion received jury’s special award at the 54th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen and in 2011 it was screened at Centre Pompidou.


A short movie directed by Jaan Toomik

A soldier is released from the Soviet Army and he travels home. 25 years later he sets out again to be relieved from the pressure that has been distressing him for all these years. He undertakes a ritual journey to a far-away village graveyard to free himself from the torturous memory and the ambiguous feeling of guilt for a tragic accident in the army. The second short movie by Jaan Toomik is a psychological story with a dark guilt-ridden atmosphere, which is based on his memories from the 1980s when he was in the Soviet Army.

A short movie directed by Martti Helde

If you’ve been hit, one day you’ll hit back. If you aren’t loved, you won’t love anyone, either. I have friends who have said they’ve never seen their father. In response I’ve said, don’t you have a mirror at home? Those who have a father call their naturally inherent bad character traits genes passed down from their parents. And they call their good traits their own. We need a microscope to find our parents’ good attributes deposited into ourselves through reflective neurons. Yet even without a microscope, the question arises: am I ready to be a father if my father inside me hasn’t dissolved?

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